Family Outing at Bernabeach Resort + Cliff Diving at Bamboo Beach

I blogged about this resort last 2014 and until now, it's the most read post in my blog. I don't know why. Haha. Nico was the one who discovered this place and he shared it with the gang 2 years ago during one of our random out of town trips. Instead of spending the night in Tagaytay, we ended up in Bernabeach Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was a nice, quiet little resort back then. Not much people. Not much going on. We just rented a kubo for P1,500, ate a lot, swam in their pretty, huge pool and frolicked on their amazing beach. The perfect place if you want to chill and unwind. It has been 2 years since I last stepped foot in our favorite secret getaway place and so much has changed since then! A LOT. As in new buildings, new rooms, new everything. Do I still love the place? Continue reading to find out...

Our original plan was to book a beach house in Tali, but unfortunately, almost all of them were already booked and those that were available can't accommodate 40+ people. I kind of expected it na because we planned too late. We finalized the date less than 2 weeks before the target. Since it was kinda last minute and they wanted a place that has a pool & a beach, I suggested Bernabeach. It was the nearest, most accessible, and could accommodate all of us. Barangay naman kasi kami sa dami. Haha. 

I called up the resort and asked for the available rooms for April 10. Most of them were Standard Rooms nalang (good for 2) and a few Kubos (nipa huts). I wanted the "Barangay Room" sana because it could accommodate 15 people, but naunahan kami. Sayang. 

 Stopover! Ate lunch at Burger King

Achie, my cousin, took care of the car & room assignments + the meal planning which her mom, Tita Masang, would cook. RJ & Ate Tricia took care of collection & payment. For the food, we agreed on Adobo (because it doesn't spoil easily), Binagoongan, Liempo & Grilled Eggplant (easy to cook) and hotdog & eggs for breakfast. Left at around 8am but arrived after lunch na because it was super traffic going there! Buong sambayanang Pilipino ata nag outing din. Haha.

 Baby Gelo!

 Tita Chay and Tito Melton

 Massage you could avail!

 Nico wearing his favorite Uniqlo polo

When we got there, some were already in their rooms including my Mom and my Tita Connie. My sis, Miles, Nico and I were supposed to stay in their Kubo for 4 but my Mom insisted that we avail nalang aircon rooms. So we did. We cancelled 2 kubos (immediately rented by other guests) because some of my cousins also backed out from the trip. We booked 8 airconditioned Standard Rooms (P2,200 each, no need to pay entrance fee), 1 Kubo for 6 (P2k + P200 entrance fee each), 1 Family Room for 3 (P3,500) and some of us stayed in tents. No charge for tents, you just need to pay P200 entrance fee. 

My cousin Pat chillin' by the reception area

The receptionists were helpful (not that friendly & nice though, hope they could improve on this) but they wanted us to pay the balance immediately. I asked if we could just pay when we're all complete (some of my family members were not yet there by that time) or upon check-out, but they said they need it settled agad. I said okay and told them I'll just collect the payments, but didn't come back na. Haha! It was so hard to collect kasi especially when we're still trying to settle, prepare our things, prepare the food, etc. Db? They kept on calling me the whole day to ask for the payment. They only stopped when my Mom talked to the manager and discussed with her the issue. She was kind enough to agree naman. Thank you Madame Manager! :) We can finally chill and enjoy our day. Haha. 
Now, let me tour you around!
 Beach area. Can you see the gate going inside the resort? Rented white tent on the left which served as our dining area.

 Jetskis for rent! Toroy.

While taking photos, a bangkero or boat man approached us asking if we wanted to go island hopping. It was late na that time, so we got his number and told him we'd do the activity in the morning. Boat rental was P1,500.

 Not as clean as before:( Can you see those white spots? Those are garbage. Arrrgh. I did not go swimming this time. 

 There is now a shower area when you enter the gate

 Pool was jampacked. There was a company outing that day. Malas. Hehe.

 Our room!

 We were supposed to sleep sa Kubo for 4 which was only P1,500 but no aircon. Naawa ata my Mom so she sponsored half of our new rooms. Haha. Standard Room is P2,200.


 Kubo for 6 (P2,000 + P200 entrance fee each) where some of my cousins stayed!


 Not bad

  Time for lunch!

We had so much food! We paid P300 each for 3 meals (lunch & dinner on 1st day & brunch on 2nd)

Time for a quick OOTD!
 Pre-loved from IG top, Details shorts, Veloci watch, Teva sandals

Love my new Veloci watch! All black! Yipee.

 EIKA swimwear!

In love with this white eyelet bikini top! Also love my bikini bottom. It's kinda tight lang konti. Hehe. :)

 Emotero sa shore

 Joot Pyo the Haciendero

 You can ride horses for P50. But if you can, don't nalang. They're too small and it's too hot. :/

 Shadow play. 

 They already have more kubos and more picnic tables & benches inside. This area was bare, except for a few tables, back in 2014. 

 They even have this snacks & drinks bar now. Don't order their siomai. It was meh. Shake & halo-halo were okay.

 I saw another pool being constructed behind one of the kubos. Nice!

 Nico bonding with my niece Mickey! She's his favorite. Hihi.

 Baby Gelo after showing him the video of Katy Perry's "Roar" and singing along with it. Knock out! Haha.

With some of my cousins

Golden hour


 Family dinner inside! Near the basketball court. They lock the gate going to the beach by 7pm. 

Come night, there were no more lights by the beach or outside the gate. So we decided to transfer our tables and food inside, near the basketball court. Yes, they now have a half court. More things to do inside Bernabeach! More gastos too because it's not for free.  My cousinpaid P100 to rent a ball. We also rented a grill for P100. Now, you have to pay for almost everything you use inside. Guests are also required to pay P100 per person corkage fee. Back in 2014, everything was free! They even made a bonfire for us. Those were the fun days. :( 

 Nagmomoment kami ni Nico sa pool haha!

After dinner, my cousins and I wanted to bond some more so we took a dip in the pool (less people now) while drinking beer. There was a live band who played that night and my cousin Rj jammed pa with them. They stopped playing at around 11:30 pm. It was the first time I was able to avail the pool since it was super crowded that afternoon. It was refreshing! Too bad some Kuya asked us to vacate the pool by 12 midnight because they were gonna put chlorine and clean it daw. Sayang. We left the pool and decided to drink nalang at the picnic tables and benches area near the gate. It's weird though because on my way back to our room, I still saw a few people swimming. Also, no one cleaned the pool naman. Maybe the staff fell asleep. Haha. 

 Good morning!

Woke up early the next day to go island hopping. Almost everyone came with us! Even our Titos and Titas. More, more fun! 
 Our boatman had to call for backup 'coz we cant fit in 1 boat. Hehe.

 Puno na!!!

 Here's our backup boat!

 Let's go!

Passed by Canyon Cove

 Almost there!

 Our destination -- Bamboo Beach!

This white sand beach is 650 meters long but 80% privately owned. Only 20% is open to the public. It's known to be one of the best beaches in Batangas. You would see the very private Kawayon Cove here. My cousin tried to take a photo in front of their fence but the guard shooed him away. Hahaha! Magkano ba yan??? Mapag ipunan nga. Charot.

 15-minute boat ride

 Kawayan Cove

It's on the left side facing the beach

This small strip on the left (right side facing the beach) is where the public could swim

 Sea bed was quite rocky, so good thing I was wearing my TEVA!

 Titas of  Manila hahaha

We only had less than 2 hours in the island, so we decided to check out agad the cliff diving site. From the shore, we had to walk where the rocks are and climb a little. Took us 5-10 mins to get there.
 Wore my Teva sandals, Veloci watch & Sassa swimsuit!

 Rocks were quite sharp, so my sandals came in handy!
 I must work-out stat! Haha. D rin nakatulong pagka constipated ko. Huhu.

 View was amazing

 We're here!

 Nico trying to summon all his courage. Haha!

We spent more than 30 minutes here! Good thing I wore sunblock because there was no place to hide from the sun. It was windy though. The cliff was quite high! I wanted to jump but got scared of the height (really got traumatized sa Ariel's Point haha) & when some of my cousins came back with cuts on their feet. They said it was hard going back up because the rocks were too rough. I want to jump again! I must really try to get over my trauma from last time. :/

One thing that made me really mad, was the volume of trash I saw INSIDE and outside the water! As in empty plastic bag of chips, diaper (WTF!), paper plates, plastic utensils, and a LOT more. Why can't we all be responsible tourists??? Why can't we respect the sanctity of a place? We must all respect the ethical limits of our environment db? I hate jeje tourists gaaaawd. When I asked one of the locals if they cleanup after, he said "Wala namang bayad samin eh". WOW. I hope they include it na sa boat fees! Please lang. :( And they should not allow people to do picnics here or anywhere if they don't know how to dispose their shits. Arrrgh. Moving on...

 Minor pa yan!!!

 Back to our base!

 Na-solo din namin sa wakas!

 My mini me!

 So cute my cousins!

 Brought these L'oreal Revitalift products for me and my mom! 

 Third wheel daw si Kikoy. Haha!

 Anniversary pictorial! Haha

 Ayaw namin ng stripes noh?

 On our way home, we decided to stop by Sonya's Garden for a bit...

 Aura muna while waiting for 4pm. Just to satisfy our cheese bread cravings!

Nico, Pat, Joot & Chollo

 Organic produce for sale

 Brought them to my favorite spot inside Sonya's

 My nephew Gelo with Tito Patrick! Hehe

The boys 

Quick OOTD again!
 Ang bike, bow.

 Stylestunner top, River Island shorts, Veloci watch, Teva sandals


The weekend went by quickly but the memories we made will last forever! I would still recommend Bernabeach, but I hope they improve on their service. I hope they also take care of the beach. Will probably go back when it's not peak season anymore. Can't wait for our family's next adventure! :)

Contact Bernabeach: 


  1. I loved this post, you have friends, be happy and still enjoy some alone time!

  2. So sad that the beaches nowadays are always littered by those irresponsible "tourists". Grabe! Dapat kung anong itsura mo siya nadatnan ganun mo din iwanan. Kainis, tapos magrereklamo bat mainit, bat may baha?

  3. Hi, do you still have the number of the boat you rented? Thanks!


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