Blissful Walking with RegettaCanoe

Here’s a little Japanese trivia question for you: have you ever noticed what footwear the Japanese wore with their kimonos? No? Well, they’re called geta, and they’re traditional Japanese sandals made of wood – not exactly fashionable for everyday wear, right? Thankfully, RegettaCanoe has made a stylish and comfortable interpretation of the geta! Designed for maximum comfort and balance, the RegettaCanoe can definitely take you places without hurting your feet. Find out more about RegattaCanoe shoes below…

What are the features that make RegettaCanoe shoes unique? RegettaCanoe shoes corrects the posture of the body, subsequently alleviating knee and hip pressure which causes aches and pains in the long run.
RegettaCanoe shoes also reduces the impact on the feet, which will definitely be noticeable when you go for long walks! 
The shoes provides arch support that improves blood circulation, lessening feet fatigue. It's cool that it gives you added height minus the hurt from high heels!
Even though the RegettaCanoe shoes are usually open, they are crafted in such a way that protects the wearer’s toes and heels.

Now here comes the best part - RegettaCanoe shoes are a vegan product! This means that the customers who buy their products are helping reduce animal suffering and environmental pollution because they are supporting a brand that pursues a vegan philosophy in the business they run. Stylish and animal cruelty-free? Count me in! :)

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to your own pair of unique RegettaCanoe shoes and let blissful balance make your day!:)

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