Coca Cola's Taste the Feeling Festival: Alden Richards, Spongecola and Many More!

Went to the Coca-Cola Taste the Feeling Festival and I had a blast!!! I kinda knew that there will be lots of people since it's a free concert and Alden Richards is in their line-up, but I didn't expect the crowd to be that big. I thought I would never get inside the venue! Haha. I got there at around 6pm and I had a hard time looking for the media reg area due to the mass of people blocking the entrances (they had to stop letting people in coz it was too crowded na inside) and I couldn't get through. They had to call for a bouncer to escort me in and I could feel the people in line death staring me. Sorry na po magcocover lang. Hehe. Anyway, once inside, I immediately met up with Ana and then we proceeded backstage (courtesy of Tracy & Spongecola! Thank yeww). Stories and photos below...

Photo from my loves Arnie!

 The Cheats! Can you see Saab Magalona?

Other performers were BaiLona, Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador, Up Dharma Down & Autotelic.

 While waiting for Ana to fetch me hehe

Dressing room hits!

Us with Yael

Once inside the tent, kulitan na with the boys of Spongecola! They are actually close friends of Tracy and I know them because I styled them a few times before. :) They are one of my favorite bands in the world (yes, world, baket?) not just because of their music (na favorite namin iplay when jamming and drinking) but because of their attitude. Kaya naman they lasted this long. :) They are so humble, nice, down to earth & extremely talented. And even if it has come to us being "friends" with them, I will never forget how I'm a huge fan of theirs. FOREVER! Haha. Anyway, saw a lot of familiar faces too!

 Hello to my love, Joyce Pring! She's a friend and I've styled her na din!:) Love this pretty & busy girl. 

 Watching the concert while drinking an ice-cold bottle of Coke! Perfection. :)

The eager crowd

And then... ALDEN RICHARDS!!!

In fairness, he's adorbs ha. He also looked so nice & humble. 

He went down the stage a few times to be able to interact with the audience and his fans. So bait. :)

Those dimples...

He really connects with his fans! Now I know why everybody loves him. 

After Alden, Spongecola was next!!! Since Ana and I (also Tracy) are huge faneys, best in partcipation din kami. We stood sa side of the stage the whole time, singing their songs and screaming our lungs out!:) 

 Yael is a performer talaga. He was worried at first because Alden came before them and people might not have enough energy na daw when they come out. But, look!

 He was able to pump up the audience and sing to their songs!

Listening to Sponge songs while drinking Coke. Love. 

 He spent most of the set with the crowd! Can you see that hand holding his pants so he won't fall? hehe

They sang their famous & classic OPM songs like Bitiw, Puso, Di Na Mababawi, Tuliro, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, and everybody's favorite-- Jeepney!

 Lumabas din our inner fan girls. Haha!

Un-traditional way of coming up on stage. Haha!

 Cool shot by Ana! Hehe. Coke break ka daw muna Yael.

 They were just as effective on stage!

 So much energy!

 So much love and so much hugot. Brings back so much memories!

 Hello Armo!

 Galit ka ba Yael? Haha

 Product placing pa more ako. Haha!

 I can see Gosh! Si Ted lang kulang. Hihi.

 Literally backstage

Before leaving, we asked for a photo with them!

Blogger pose daw. Haha! Nailed it. :p

Thank you Coca-Cola for this amazing experience! One for the books! Can't wait for the next festival! :)

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