Hong Kong & Macau, Day 5: Nan Lian Garden, Chi Lin Nunnery & Victoria Peak

Hello again! So to recap, I went on an 8-day adventure in Hongkong and Macau last January and it didn't cost us much to go sightseeing, pig out and enjoy at the same time. On our last full day in Hong Kong, we decided to take it easy and not strictly follow our itinerary. We didn't want any stress on our last day in the city. Even if we all woke up a little late (around 12pm), we still pushed through with our original plan to visit and check out Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery at Diamond Hill. We also took a quick trip to Victoria Peak to see the beautiful Hong Kong skyline at night. Stories through photos starting with my outfit that day!:)

 Thrifted D&G turtleneck top Thrifted trench coatJhajing skirtForever 21 tightsChristian Siriano by Payless bagMikkas Closet shoes

 This D&G top I got from ukay kept me warm all day! Also love this denim skirt I bought from Jhajing for P500 and my paschool girl tights. Hihi.

I could literally live in these shoes from Mikkas Closet! Sooo comfy. Gives me a little extra height too. 

Photos from that day!
 From Jordan, took a train to Yau Ma Tei!

 Galit? Haha!

From Ya Mau Tei we took the connecting train to Diamond Hill

 There are signs all over, so it's impossible to get lost:)

 Saw this store inside the train station. For sushi lovers!!! So much variety!

Take Exit C2 and then turn right and you'd see the sign going to the garden and nunnery.

 We decided to eat lunch first at Plaza Hollywood!

 There was a motorcycle event inside the mall

 Donuts make me happy! Hihi

 Ordered from here! Line and wait was quite long but it was worth it. Paid $34 for 10 dumplings w/ free soup! Halfed with my sister:)

 Shared this meal with my sis. Dumplings, rice and pad thai! Yum! We paid more or less $40 each. :)

 After eating, headed na to Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery!

Just follow the signs and cross the street. Nan Lian is just across the mall:)

Main gate

 Yosi break muna sha

 Time to go inside! Say hello to the pabebeng Patricia! Haha.

 Entrance to the garden! It's free btw. There's an information booth inside where you could ask for a map. 

 Family ko sila? Hahaha! May picture talaga ako. Haha! Was taking a photo of the sign but they were in front. So. Haha. 

 Sobrang amazed ko lang. Obviously.

 Chinese Timber Architecture Gallery

 Lakas maka Japan!

 The garden is so beautiful and so serene..

It's a nice place to just chill, relax and write a poem maybe?

 We went there on a Sunday, so mejo matao. Wasn't able to take lots of nice photos. :( 

 With my sissy

 This area is off limits. Sayang nice pa naman for OOTD! Hihi.

Forbidden Forest??? 


 The contrast is just stunning

Love these wooden structures inside:)

May pa-falls pa. Parang ikaw. Pa-fall. Weh? Haha

Dito ako makasingit para magpicture haha

This is a resto. Did not check menu though but I'm sure pricey.

Love you sister for my photos! Pag si Nico kase waley. Haha.

They also have a cafe inside!


Menu pa

Left the snack shop and found Nico outside, doing this. Angyare? Stretching?

Let's go inside the rock center!

So nice these bonsais

Saw Nico inside. Amazed na amazed??? Haha! It's quite amazing actually. 

Lalim ng iniisip! I'm sure he's thinking of what we'll be eating for dinner lang naman.

Such a beauty:) If wala lang sana sila ate na naka pink and green sa baba. Tingkad pa ng jacket eh! :/

Wider angle. 

Posting this so I can grab and post on IG. Lol.

Entrance to Chi Lin Nunnery!


Nagmomoment sha feel niya cherry blossoms 

So, moment din ako! Am I in Japan???

Prenup? Haha! Sorry naman ate at the back nasira namin picture mo? :/

Golden hour na! Love the effect:) Love the photo if wala lang si kuya dun. Grr.

With the sister naman

May emo over there


Sa wakas! I'm alone! No other tourists in sight! Bwahaha.


Left Chi Lin at around 5:30pm. Checked out some stores in Plaza Hollywood muna before boarding the train going to Victoria Peak!

Bershka boy

In fairness to me, didn't buy anything! Well, no size na din kasi. :(

From Diamond Hill to Central train station. And then Exit D2! 

From Exit D2, turn right to Victoria Park!

 Saw a lot of kababayans here having a picnic, sleeping, chilling, chatting. 

When you cross Victoria Park, you'd see this sign. Cross the street. There are signs leading to The Peak Terminus.

St. John's Cathedral :)

Saya namin haha

Walk straight from St. Johns and you'll see terminal on the left!

Don't go here on a Sunday!!! Box office the line!

We decided to line up na din since we're there na. Took about 15 minutes lang naman. 



You may skip the line if you bought your tickets from a travel agency.

I can imagine how it was when the tram first started operating! So cool. So vintage.

Since 1888!


Old tickets

While waiting in line..

Pax: Panoselift kaya ako? Nico: Kati my face!

Antique toys on display

Took a photo of them coz of the cute kuya at the back na naka blue. Haha!

Ayan na sha!

Wooden benches inside. So old school!:)

Punuan! So we stood nalang near the door.

Tricks daw o! Haha! The train tilts on its way up:)

I can see the HK skyline! The lights! Hindi foggy. Yes!

From the tram, you would pass by this Peak Market where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, etc.


Another cutie:)

Bruce Lee!

View from the escalator

We didn't avail the ticket sa Sky Terrace, so we went to The Peak Galleria instead:)

Viewing deck at the Peak Galleria. Beautiful! So happy that there's no fog!

Wag ka magulo nagmomoment ako

Escalator selfie!

Angyare Nico? Haha

Sky Terrace!

Peak Tram line! Lining up while it was freezing cold was such an ordeal!

Restaurants. Shempre Burger King kami, shempre sarado! Haha.

Ended up eating this (in 7-11) for dinner. Restaurants were closed na kasi. Best noodles ever, though! It's soooo good. San ba makakabili nito in Manila? This with bread, perfect.

Tram back to the city

Bye beautiful skyline!

Trying not to fall. Bayanihan! Hehe

There were still a few tourists buying tram tickets to make habol. Tram operates until 12 midnight only.

Just look for this sign!



Rode the train from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui

Went inside Holiday Inn to CR. Selfie muna!

Searched for someplace to eat and stumbled across this Kebab House near Lock Road. 

Ordered this plate for $60 plus extra rice and shared with Nico! It was more than enough for the two of us. It's also delicious! :)

After our super late dinner, passed by McDonalds pa to tambay and have some dessert. Ano pa nga ba but my favorite strawberry sundae w/ nuts! Yum. Bat ba kasi wala nun dito. Anyway! Walked home from TST and passed out as soon as my bum touched the bed. Haha. It was a pretty long and tiring day. Had to rest din 'coz we were leaving for Macau the next day.  Last 2 posts and this journey is done! Blogging about Macau next. Thanks for reading! Love you all! :)

Train from Jordan to Diamond Hill - $9
Lunch - $40
Train from Diamond Hill to Central - $14
Peak tram (roundtrip) - $40
7-11 dinner - $20 
Train from Central to TST - $10
Late dinner - $34
Mcdonalds sundae - $15

TOTAL = $182 or P1,100

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