Hong Kong & Macau 2016, Day 4: Disneyland + Central

Hello! How are you guys??? Your Ate niyo Aisa/Pax is still a little sick, but at least I'm not a prisoner anymore. Hehe. I have so much to share with you guys, but after nalang my travel posts. Haha. Anyway, speeding things up so I can get back to my Asia posts ulit. Bagan awaits! 

So here's what happened on our 4th day in Hong Kong! Since this trip was mostly budget, Disneyland was not really on top of our list of places to visit. Or Oceanpark. Those places are perfect for first-timers and tourists with kids. Since my sis and I had been there before and Nico is not really an amusement park kind of guy, we agreed to consider them if we have extra money nalang. After all, a ticket to Disneyland costs more or less P3,300 per person, Oceanpark costs P2,200. To cut this long story short, we still made it to the happiest place on Earth! AND, we didn't even pay a single cent. Ito na ata yung right time to use the #BLESSED. Lol! My mom's sister hooked us up with a family friend who works in Disney and he gave us free tickets! All three of us. Thank you, Lord! And thanks Tito Chito. :) Photos and stories below starting with my OOTD that day...

Uniqlo dress, Wrangler scarf, Romwe scarf, Mikkas Closet shoes

I am obsessed with plaid since forever, so inachieve ko talaga this look. I brought tights din just in case it was freezing. I was wearing warmers under my dress, so it helped a lot.

Had to exchange money again!

Running late! We were supposed to meet Tito Chito at around 9am.

From Jordan we rode the train going to Sunny Bay for $15. 

Disney train's here!!!

Love this train!

Busy sila

Mickey everywhere! Even the handles!:)

We're here! Disneyland station platform

The ticket we bought was only until Sunny Bay, so upon reaching Disney, we had to pay for our kulang amounting to $7.50. 

We're here!

Surfing Mickey. Hehe!

We waited for Tito Chito (we were late huhu) and upon meeting him, he instructed us to fall in line na:)

Waiting for our turn! Haba ng pila haha.

Almost there! 

Tito Chito met us at the entrance and swiped us in! For free! :)

Thanks Tito! :)

 Happy kids!

Di mashado madami tao noh?

I have a thing for vintagey buildings! So pretty.

$50 Mickey waffles

So cute! Hindi si Nico. Yung coke. Haha.

My child in the future

Saw Goofy & Pluto! We didn't line up na coz we didn't make it sa cut-off:( So took their photo nalang.



Photo in a photo. Haha

Disney Castle!

With my sis naman this time!

Saw my sister's HS kabarkada and officemate! Hi Ate Francia! :)

First Stop: Tomorrowland!

So adorbs!

As usual, we were not able to explore this area more because we had to rush to the "Theater in the Wild" for the 12:30pm Lion King show. From Tomorrowland, we ran towards Adventureland and dashed inside the theater...

2nd Stop: Adventureland

Made it right on time! While waiting, we were treated to a fun group activity by these gentlemen..

It has started! I see Pumba! 


Simba and Nala (in human form haha) there at the middle. Also love the zebras!

Uncle Scar-y! 

Pumba, Timon and Simba Hakuna Matata moment

I just can't wait to be king!

Curtain call!

Amazing show kahit mejo kulang sa energy hehe

3rd stop: Grizzly Gulch

Fun mining inspired ride!!! 

Looked so much fun!

I wanted to try it out but no one wanted to come with me. Pussies. Haha.

May steam steam and hot spring effect pa!

Disney train! 

Wild West!

Feeling cowboy and cowgirl with our outfits. Should have worn boots. 

Entrance to the ride! No line, sayang!

Snacks area!

Got surprised na hanggang sa exit may tracks pa din! So huge this ride!

5th Stop: Mystic Point!

Saw this new attraction called Mystic Manor and got so excited I immediately ran inside. Haha.

Dragged the 2 of them and they kept asking me if its scary or if its death-defying. Haha!


We had no idea what to expect or what this ride was about. The 2 kept asking me if roller coaster daw to mala The Mummy in Universal Studios. Haha!

Was welcomed by this cutie!

Mystic Manor tells the story of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey Albert. Having recently acquired an enchanted music box, Albert opens the box and brings everything inside the house to life. It's not death-defying okay? Haha! It's actually super fun and super cute! :)

Here's comes our ride!

Inside are different chambers...

We were taken through each one while riding the carriage...

Animated paintings and photos and things all over! 

Surprise, mystery and magic awaits in each room!

Sir Henry and Alfred!


4th Stop: Toy Story Land

 Cute ng baby girl!

So cuteee! Kids would love this area!

I shall try this out next time!
Even the toilet is cute

Bye, Woody!

Wanted to go inside but we were in a hurry to make it on time for the Mickey & the Wondrous Book Show.


Sleeping Beauty Castle up close.

Fasyown kids

We made it!!! Waited in line for about 20 minutes before we were ushered in.

Mickey & The Wondrous Book is about him finding Olaf's page or story  in this huge book before he melts. He meets characters from different Disney stories such as the Jungle Book, Aladdin, etc. in his quest.


Tangled, Brave & Little Mermaid!


Princess Tiana of The Princess & the Frog!

Elsa of Frozen. The crowd's favorite! Andaming reactions ng kids when she came out. 

The End

Curtain Call!

Love your outfit girl!

After the show, we made tambay at the side of the road for the 3pm parade!!!

This adorable little girl kept us all entertained! She was so busy running around, not giving a F sa crowd. Haha.

And then finally, the Flights of Fancy Parade!!!

Squad Goals!!! Pluto, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie looking super cute in their float!

Stars of the parade

Next is Winnie The Pooh! And his gang. Hehe. Eeyore is my sister's favorite so mejo nagwala sha dun ng very light. And look at Tigger!

Can I have your jobs please? Haha.

The Princesses!

Princess Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle

The Jungle Book float!

King Louie looking fly

And there's Rafiki!

Timon! Okay bat wala akong picture of Simba? Huhu


Stitch! I love Lilo!

Pretty Lilo

Hello, Jessie! 

And my favorite, Woody!

Buzz Lightyear looked tough as ever

The toy soldiers were also there

So happy that I finally got to see the parade! 

Decided to leave the park at around 4:30pm to look for food. We didn't eat inside because food's so expensive!!! One meal costs $120+. Serving's not big pa.

Decided to check out the Disneyland Hotel first. Free shuttle buses that will drop you off sa Disneyland Hotel or Disney Hollywood Hotel are always available. From MTR entrance, just walk straight and you'd see the terminal.:)

Disneyland Hotel!

We immediately went outside, to my favorite area, the garden & maze!!!

So magical:)

Taguan kunware

Grumpy na sha nito coz super hungry. Haha!

From another angle

After taking photos inside the hotel, the three of us had to make a tough decision: Go back sa park, eat there and wait for the 8pm fireworks? Go to CityGate Mall at Tung Chung, eat there then go back to Disneyland? Or leave Disneyland and head straight to Central? We chose the latter. So, we left Disneyland at around 5pm and bought train tickets to Central for $28 each. 

May parade!

After eating at McDonalds and while walking along Central, we saw this alley and decided to check it out. Andaming Pinoy dito in fair!

Ate bought souvenirs here...

Saw this shop selling chocolates! Melty Kiss!!! It's $2 cheaper than 7-11.

Bought Ritter Sport w/ Hazelnuts for $8 each. YUM.

Saw this while I was waiting for my sister inside SaSa

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm!

Love it!!!:)

Also saw this cafe on our way to Lan Kwai Fong

Go down these stairs

Little Twin Stars merchandise for sale!

Menu. Nico can't get over the $60 dumplings. Hahaha!

Kiki and Lala, you two are my favorites, but I cannot with the prices on the menu. Haha! Next time!

The narrow streets of Central

The lively streets of Lan Kwai Fong! Not so lively that night coz it rained. 

May shooting!

So cute

Ebeneezer's in Lan Kwai Fong!

Bars pa more

We all badly needed to pee, so Nico ate dinner at this Persian resto nalang so we could all use the restroom. Haha! 

We didn't stay or drink because we felt so tired na. Tito and Titas of Manila lang. Lol.

Saw this panda on our way back to the train station

We decided to go back to Mongkok nalang

What is this crowd???

 There are street performers and people dancing on the street!

  Aww dance pa more sila o, so cute!

 Busy Mongkok streets

 Street food!!!

We ate so much street food! Bought waffle, sausage w bacon and curry balls.

$60 din to lahat ha! Nashock ako! But for experience, go. And, it's good naman:)

It was a pretty fun and tiring day! It's always fun going to Disneyland. Might take years before I go back there again. If you want discounted tickets, try booking on Klook! :) Anyway, breakdown of expenses below:) Day 5 coming up next! And then Macau na. :) Thanks for reading!:)

Jordan to Sunny Bay - $15
Sunny Bay to Disneyland - $7.50
Disneyland to Central - $28
McDonalds dinner - $32
Water - $10
Central to Mongkok - $13
Street Food - $60
Cold drink - $15
Mongkok to Jordan - $4.50

TOTAL: $185

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  1. what camera did you use? And is it okay to take pictures during show in Disneyland? Thanks!

    1. Yes it's okay to take pics! For this trip, I used iPhone 6!:)


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