Asia Trip 2015, THAILAND: Buff Hostel + First Night in Chiang Mai

Here's the continuation of my Thailand post! Must finish everything before the year ends, so... Anyway! You already know how we crossed the Cambodia-Thailand border by riding a $29 direct bus. We got off at the Mo Chit bus station and then from there rode a cab to Buff Hostel (which is near the bus station) where we camped for 1-night so we'd have some place to stay before our early morning Chiang Mai trip (bus is at Mo Chit station too) the next day. Photos and stories below! :)

Mo Chit bus station:)

We had a few bills changed at the bank inside the station

Exchange Rates:)

Ticket counters for buses going to Chiang Mai

We canvassed muna before we decided to buy our tickets here! Total is P1,600 for 2 one-way first class bus tickets to Chiang Mai. 

I already told you how despite of this map and translated directions, no one wanted to give us a ride to our hotel coz they don't understand English. Huhu! BTW, kamay ni kuya bus station information center yan ah. Haha.

After more than 10 tries, FINALLY!

But our kalbaryo (in english: Hardships. Taray.) didn't end there! Kuya taxi doesn't really know the exact location of our hostel and his only landmark is the ATM sign on the map. We said okay, we 'll just search for our hotel from there. We thought it would be breeze but were SO wrong. We ended up going in circles, asking for directions (majority of the people we asked does not speak or understand English so they always end up giving us wrong directions) for 2 hours. I was so tired, sleepy, frustrated and hungry that I almost threw a fit and I nearly cried. I sat down on the sidewalk to breathe and regain my composure. We were close to giving up na din. Then I looked to my right (it's a one-way street) and told Nico, "Let's check out this stretch before we give up." I had a strong feeling that the hostel was that way. Turned out I'm right!!! It was actually pretty near the ATM (probably 100 meters) but it's kind of confusing because they're located on a one-way street. So from the ATM, we should have walked backwards (not literally duh) in a straight line until we're near the major road. A lot of people kasi gave us wrong directions that's why we got lost lalo. :( 

FINALLY!!! Mejo gabi na nung nakarating kami. Haha.

Booked 2 dorm beds for just P500+ each via AGODA

Was greeted by this super sweet cat, Darling:)

Love the interiors!

Tambay area

It's a fairly new concept hostel:)

Stairs going to the 2nd floor

Nico and Darling lambingan in front of our room:)

Common wash area

Our room! One of the best hostel beds ever. 

Bed is big enough for 2 people. There are individual sockets. Clean sheet. Soft mattress and pillows. Better than some hotels.

Book your room or bed here:

Smoking area outside. The alley on Nico's left goes through the other street. :)

Dress shop across our hostel. Papullout pwede? Hehe

If you walk straight to the main road, this is the sign you'd see. For future reference. Haha.

Since we were on a budget, we decided to try local dishes sold on the streets. There are so many to choose from! Go where there are many locals. Don't forget to ask them to take the spiciness level down a notch. 

Nico trying so hard to get his order across. Hehe. Lakas maka charades.

Freshly made!

The best dinner for just 80 baht! Tom Yum with shrimps and other seafood. LEGIT. 

After dinner, we headed home to relax for a bit and chat with our other dormmates. Made some new friends!!! We were the only ones in the hostel (hostel only has 2 rooms I think) so we decided to bond over food and beer. :)

Southeast Asia reprezent! Haha! (Korea, Japan, Philippines, Hongkong, Taiwan)

Us with Katie girl! She's from Hongkong but studies in Taiwan. That time, she was on a month long trip around Asia. She told me how she'd be staying with monks in a monastery in Myanmar and how she did a 10-day meditation session. Imagine meditating for 10 days and not talking for more or less 6 hours or is it 12? I CANNOT. Haha! Would love to travel with her sometime! Will probably meet up with her when we go to Hongkong this January. :)

Katie and Nico chatting

Woke up at around 5am the next day because our bus going to Chiang Mai leaves at 8. Leaving was bittersweet. Some of them roused from their sleep to say goodbye and wished us well. Would have loved to spend more time with these wonderful people and know more about their life and stories but just like them, we have more places to discover and more people to meet. We vowed to meet up when we visit each other's country in the future. Can't wait! :) 

Bus station!

Nico buying breakfast

Our coach double decker bus!

Our seats on the 2nd level:) It's comfortable.

On-board Instructions. Lakas maka plane hehe.

Our cheap but yummy breakfast! Yum.

Free food!

We have a stewardess pa! Love it.

Clean restroom inside the bus na inavail ko ng bongga. Haha.

Photo of our bus during our stopover! 

Free lunch c/o bus company. Choose from 4-5 stalls.

Our food! Mine's the one on the right. Mejo not sarap. Haha! Yung kay Nico tasted fine naman:)

Convenience store / Pasalubong shop!

Time lapse! Just slept through the 12-hour journey.

After 12 hours, we're finally in Chiang Mai!!! I was quite surprised with what I saw. I've always imagined Chiang Mai as a super rural, probinsya vibes place but I was SO wrong na naman. As we approach the bus station, I looked out the window and saw Mcdonalds, Toyota, and other shops. They have pa mala Metrowalk na place near our stop. Love it. 

Nico asking for info where to buy return tickets to Bangkok. Ate offered us tickets for just 400 baht each! It's not first class but it's still coach. Since we're on a budget, Go!

Main station:)

We were so hungry so we decided to grab a quick bite at Mcdonalds located in Star Avenue. It's just across the bus station.

Meal = 260+ baht

Ronald says Sawasdee!

Asking tuk-tuk drivers if they know our hostel and how much the ride going there.

Our tuk-tuk ride! Agreed fare is 120 baht

Streets of Chiang Mai:)

Booked our hotel via AGODA. Scored a nice standard room at Basic Line Hotel at Loikroh for Just P400+ a night! Bongga db? Budget kung budget! :)


Our street:) No noisy daw o!

Basic Line Hotel

Front Desk

 hotel's veranda

Pretty and super nice hotel manager

Free internet

Waiting area

Vending machine. Mura the water!

Our room!

Our room on the 3rd floor!

Hello hehe

Clean bathroom!

Stairs. No elevator.

Motorcycles for rent! This is 100+ baht for one day

Look for the tattoo shop sa kanto! That's our hotel's street:)

At around 9pm, we decided to go out, explore a bit and eat dinner at the night market! The night market at the plaza is just 150 meters away from the hotel.

Night Market!

Happy kid!

FOOD! OMG, so much to choose from...

Bought 60 baht pad thai from Ate:) It was okay but not super yummy. 

Nico bought from this stall!

Nico's 50 baht soup. So delicious grabe. Once you pop you can't stop. Haha.

Bought coconut drink for 20 baht from this super nice lady:)

Yum! Bitin. Hehe.

Shared a table with the cutest kid and family ever:)

Ang chicks ni ate girl. Pwede mag artista.

After eating, Nico and I went around pa to check out the stalls....
Super quirky lights. Love this! 

Handmade journals:)

Printed shorts. Bought a pair!

Nico bought local harem pants to complete his traveler look daw. Hehe.

May Starbucks pa o

McDo again

Pretty shop near our hotel

Landmark! Our alley is across this shop:)

Such a pleasant trip going to Chiang Mai! The bus ride was nice. The vibe of the whole city is just amazing. We literally couldn't wait for morning para we can discover it's charm and beauty more. Retired to our room and slept early (mga 11pm) coz we had a 7am tour the next day. Watch out for that post next! Thanks for reading. :)

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