Asia Trip 2015, CAMBODIA: Artisans D'Angkor + Border Crossing

Hello, hello! Here's the last leg of our Cambodia adventure! Finally. So I could move on na to Thailand. Haha. Anyway, here's what we did during our last day in Siem Reap and also our experience (with some tips) on how to cross the Cambodia-Thailand border. Photos and stories below...

Landmark top, Factorie shorts, Primadonna sandals

Photos from Day 3 (after temple tour), Day 4 and Day 5 border crossing to Thailand!

Pub Street forever!

 Kuya Fried Noodles! Miss you so much huhu

Ingredients! Ano ba tooo. Help pleaseeee.

Yum yum yum

 Wag bibili kay Kuya d masarap. Haha.

 Our favorite carinderia

 Best meal ever!

 Best soup ever. Parang Vietnamese soup.

  Cool fam

 Travel agencies all over

 Will try out their pizzas next time!

On our 4th day, we really didn't have anything to do so research research lang using my Triposo app. We decided to go to Angkor Silk Farm but found out the free shuttle service (at Artisans D'Angkor) runs on schedule and 1-day reservation is required. It was also super duper hot that day, so we just agreed to skip Silk Farm and just go wherever our feet takes us. Since we're already at Artisans, we took their free tour na din. :)

 Pub Street by day

 Hotel breakfast! 

 asking for instructions

 Artisans was just walking distance from our hotel. Probably 200 meters away

 Private guides will approach you. Just be kind enough to decline.

 Silk painting:)


Their artisans were the ones who did and do some of the restorations  for the preservation of Angkor. WOW.

 this is where all the magic happens!

So detailed! Bawal to sa pasmado haha

Artisans shop!

Sorry blurry! Taking photos are not allowed kase. Hehe.

Love these accessories!

Ceramic everything

After spending 2 hours at Artisans, we decided to take a break and eat lunch. Nico was craving for Indian food and perfect naman that there was an Indian restaurant nearby...

So many cheap hostels around the area

Flavors of India:) 

We were the only customers that time! I also love that they have free wifi. Hehe.

Appetizer. The green one is spicy pesto. Sharap.

Our meal! Got the vegetarian set for $4, Nico got the one with meat for $5. Pwede na!

Post lunch. More energy, mas happy. 

 Blue Pumpkin for dessert! And for free wifi again. Hehe.

Green tea gelato

Perfect place to chill and relax on a very hot day

Walked around pa more after dessert

Hello again, Kuya fried noodles!

Made in Cambodia market is this way!

Locals playing soccer


Decided to get my nails done at the Angkor Night Market area

Nagpamassage din Nico

Comfy seats or bed? 

So tough yet so soft sila Kuya hehe

Wala sa Pinas neto! 

Damang dama ni Nico the massage ni Kuya

Paid $7 for my polish and the massage. If you walk a few steps pa there's another place offering the same services for a much cheaper price. 

Back to our hotel for a quick nap!

Was supposed to eat here but there was a queue and we were dying of hunger hehe

Ate here instead

Happy pizza! Not so happy 'coz I'm not a huge fan of eggs. Haha. 

Nico's burger. Not so sarap. Keri na. Paid total of $10 for dinner.

After dinner, we immediately went home to pack and get some sleep so we'd have enough energy for our border crossing adventure the next day...
early morning tuk-tuk service going to the bus station

Parang Toyota lang nila ang Lexus. Haha.

Bus station! Or Bus office. Hehe.

So, I booked our bus tickets a week before our trip via Angkor Holiday Travel. Saw their website when I was researching about going to Thailand by land from Cambodia. Their rate is just $1-$2 more than the regular bus rate but less hassle and more convenient 'coz they have hotel pick-up service. They even dropped off our bus tickets sa hotel a day after we arrived. So efficient! Excellent service!:)

Our bus going to Thailand!


Free snacks and lunch!


After almost 5 hours on the road, we finally reached the border! Hurrah! Our conductor gave us instructions before getting off our bus. It was my first time so Nico and I just tried to wing it. Haha! In fairness, we didn't get lost and everything went smoothly! :)

The Cambodia immigration is on the right side. Go kung san madami nakapila. Haha. Wasn't able to take photos, coz you know, bawal? Haha. Took us more or less 5 minutes to get our passports stamped.

Turned back and took a photo! The Cambodia immigration is there o, that area where the sign of a red arrow and a man walking is located. 

We had to move and walk pa more or less 100 meters to where the Thailand Immigration is located. You won't miss it. There's a sign naman and you could always ask. It's on the left side.

 Left side, just after that stone something with the gold eagle. Basta gets niyo na un. Haha!

Nico and I stayed here a bit to accomplish our immigration forms

After filling out our forms, we then lugged our luggage (wow so redundant haha) upstairs where the immigration kiosks are located. I obviously don't have photos (coz bawal again) but the whole process was easy breezy and it took us only more or less 15 minutes inside. They were also extra cautious due to the horrendous bombing incident which happened a few days before. There were photos of the terrorist everywhere. We didn't feel scared or anything naman.

Success!!! Immigration exit. We're officially in Thailand! :)

Thank you ROXY for my super trusty luggae bag!

Our bus conductor greeted us upon exit and guided us where our bus was waiting. So convenient! They even made us wear IDs during our whole trip. Field trip feels.

our free lunch. mejo fail. haha!

Bye, Cambodia! Hello, Thailand!

We didn't have any Thai Baht with us so we were not able to buy water or anything during our trip. Huhu. From the border, it took us 3 hours pa to reach Bangkok. We had a few of our US dollars changed at the bus station na because we needed money for our taxi fare. There's a bank inside the station so you don't have to worry. The only problem we encountered that day was actually getting a cab to our hostel! More than 10 cabs turned us down because they couldn't understand us--- they can't speak English and they can't understand the map I printed out even if it's in Thai. We tried asking for help sa customer service and they tried! They did. But still not good enough. Huhu. After feeling lost for almost half an hour, we finally found a drver who agreed to take us to our destination! He still can't speak English but trying is better than nothing db? Haha. To be continued!   

So, this is it. This ends my Cambodia posts and the beginning of our Thailand adventure! Abangan! Sunod sunod na to. Hehe. Love you all! ;)

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