Food Trip: Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot in Cubao

When I got invited to try out and dine in the newest hot spot in Cubao (my town yeeeah), I immediately said yes! I could never say no to great food. Anyway, this new food haven would easily be the new favorite of soup addicts, and food addicts in general, because of their amazing hotpot and buffet selection. Ladies and gents, say hello to Four Seasons!

(some photos from ANAGON)

Four Seasons Buffet & Hotspot was brought to us by the same group that gifted us with Vikings!:) Their pioneer branch is in SM Mall of Asia, their second is in Cubao. Thank you for choosing Cubao! Hehe. 

Located at the ground floor of Manhattan Parkview in Cubao! Near CubaoX, at the back of Shopwise and across the old Rustans or the bus station!

Reception. Hotel feels!

Wall decor. Loveee.

Love the interiors and ambiance! It's modern yet chic and romantic. :)

Clean and spacious

Cozy tables & seats

Private rooms:)

 Hotpot table in the VIP room:)

 My first hotpot experience!!! I was so lost haha. Thankfully, their staff wer there to help me and guide me. Haha.

Let's go to the buffet area to get some food and ingredients for my hotpot!
 Wide assortment of fresh & healthy ingredients that are carefully handpicked by their chefs allowing hotpot enthusiasts to freely customize their own dishes.


Seafood galore! Fish, crab, lobster, clams, oyster. You name it!

 Tofu, Cheese Balls and lots of other balls. Hehe!

 Dumplings and other meat

More meat! 

 Me and my hotpot!

 Had mushroom and chicken broth! Yum!

Sinigang? haha! Ate so much! Their sauce made by one of their staff is love.

we also asked the servers for more meat and broth while we were eating:) They were very accommodating! Excellent service!

 Four Seasons PR and Marketing person Charles Lee:) And pretty Marj who invited us:)

Since I can't live in soup alone, decided to check out the rest of the buffet for more food!

 Pasta, Mixed Veggies, Kare-Kare

 Wide selection of drinks! 

Free beer too!

Loved their dark chocolate and avocado ice cream!

Roasted lamb! Heaven omg. Also loved their roast beef. Will try their lechon next time!

They may offer lesser selection of food (they are more on the hotpot) but all are of the highest quality and so delicious! Love it like that:) Can't stop thinking about their roasted lamb and beef. YUM.

Thank you Four Seasons!


I can't wait to be back! Will bring my whole family with me. :) You all should go too. Indulge yourself in a potful of flavors and aroma at Four Seasons. See you there! xo

Four Seasons have lots of promos, so don't forget to check out their pages below for updates!

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