Baguio 2015: Glo's Ville, Laperal House, Thrift Shopping & Family Love

Here are photos from my Baguio trip with the fam a few weeks ago! It was a few months in the making (had to cancel a few times) but I'm glad we finally pushed through. It was also my cousin Gabe's last out of town trip before heading back to Dubai where he works. We only stayed there for 1 night and 2 days but I had so much fun with my cousins! Also took the chance to finally take my new ASUS Zenfone Laser 2 out for a spin. :)

H&M sweater, Primadonna shorts, Forever 21 tights, Fly shades, SM Parisian bag, Converse sneakers

If you want to stand out in a sea of people, wear yellow! Hehe.

  Photo session at Session!


And this is my OOTD on our 1st day in the beautiful city of Baguio!
Cotton On shirt dress, SM Parisian bag, Forever 21 hat, So Fab boots

It was cold, but not too much, so I wore a sweater dress. :) Love this! Wish they sell this in all colors. Haha. Anyway, here are photos from our trip mostly taken by my ASUS Zenfone Laser 2!

Stayed at my Tita's apartelle located along Palma road 2 Baguio!
Palma Road :)

Look for Glo's Ville Apartelle or Ipac Residence!

View outside

Mini garden outside my other Tita's house:)

 2nd floor! Where the biggest units are:) 3 floors with attic. Rental is P3,500 per night and fits up to 30!
Tita Car, my Dad's sister, plus some of my cousins stayed in this 3-floor unit:)
 Sala, kitchen, TV set and CR at the first floor:)

 Stairs going up to the 2nd floor! There are 2 bedrooms and 1 restroom:)

 Bedroom 1! Sorry mejo magulo took the photo when we're leaving na:)

 2nd bedroom

 Akyat na tayo sa attic!

 Cutie Kyra!

 Daming beds kasha mga 100 haha

 Beds pa more! Hi Tito Neng:)

 My ingleserang cousins! Haha

 Stairs going down

 May pinagdadaanan Nico???

My Mom, Dad, Nico and I stayed in one of the rooms on the 3rd floor:)

Our room. Sorry magulo! This is P2k a night I think hehe.

Yosi area

 Our room has a terrace with a view!

Good morning no ligo look! Thank you IFLIX for the hoodie:) 

Hello, Chloe 2.0

 Stairs going to the 3rd floor 

This is my Ate and Miles' special room (for baby making daw na walang nangyare haha)

 Fits up to 8 people! 


Here are photos from our lakwatsa that day!
We left at around 10pm. So had dinner here at Shell NLEX:)

 Nico and Moi with my cousins Kikoy and RB

As much as I wanted to drive (Nico and I could take turns), I can't because my license is expired. So, thanks Nico for being our designated driver! In fairness, I did not sleep (na normally pag ganyan borlogs talaga ako) because I had to keep him company since my Mom and Dad were with us. Arrived in Baguio at around 3am. 

 Borlogs. Haha! When I woke up, I still felt tired. Haha. 

So before leaving Manila, I made an itinerary and a list of places to go. I love it, so many! Wanted to bring my family because even though they have been to Baguio so many times, they just go lng lagi sa common places. Ayun sa awa ng Diyos mga 2 lang napuntahan. Haha! Itinerary pa more. Still fun though!

On our first day, after late breakfast (around 11am), we left the house to buy some pasalubongs at Good Shepherd in Minesview Park! 

Sis , Me and Kyra 

Good Shepherd store!

No Ube Jam na! :(

I was the designated baby-sitter of my niece Kyra hehe!

She made this! Super cuteeee. Hihi.

Mothergoose wearing her super cute CLN blouse. Hehe.

My little bro lang kulang!

 Meryenda muna!

Before going home (for super late lunch), we passed by a secret Ube Jam "factory" that my Tito Neng knows. It's the same as Good Shepherd but cheaper! It was just P120 per bottle:) I forgot the exact location but if you're interested, message me and I'll ask. Hehe. After eating (which was around 3pm), pinush ko talaga to at least cross a place off my list or itinerary. So, off we went to The White House or the infamous Laperal House! :)

OOTD before going inside the house!

I was quite relieved when we found out that we were not the only tourists there that day. Haha! I don't get scared easily and I will always be fascinated by old structures as well as the history behind each one of them, but after our Diplomat Hotel experience, mejo kapraning din. Haha. Thank you family for going with me this time. The more, the merrier.  

Entrance is P50. 

Let me tour you inside the house!
Bamboo museum inside:) Wasn't able to take photos coz there were lots of people and didn't want to wait in line hehe

Mirror selfie with my ASUS Zenfone Laser inside the house!

Receiving room at the first floor

Let's go upstairs? Here's Nico! Trying so hard to be brave. Haha!

So brave my baby girls!

Stairs leading to attic

Screen door leading to the rooms on the 2nd floor. It's a little creepy. Thank you Tito Willie for leading the way and turning the light on! Haha.

Room #1

Room #2 - That's my Tita Car. Crazy like me!:)

Room #3

Room #4 - the brightest among the 4. If not for the locked doors inside. Boo.

Attic! Super small room lang

They had to wait for a few minutes before going up to the attic because it was crowded with a group of girls who were trying to out-scare each other and screaming their lungs out. Whuuut.

Pano ka naman matatakot if ganito kadami and kagulo kasama mo? Haha!

Small hallway on the 2nd floor. A little creepy because it's lined with locked doors. Makes you wonder.

Dining area on the first floor

Trying out ASUS' micro chever. Same thing as 'Bokeh"

Meeting de Avance? Haha! 

My cousin Gabe (who's now based in Dubai) and his new pet. Haha

 Sis and me


Left the house a little over 5pm. The place and experience was not as scary as I thought (maybe because there were lots of people there din) but just like what happened after our Diplomat Hotel escapade, felt a slight headache after. Unlike Diplomat though, it was milder and it went away immediately. Thank God. :)

My Mom was meeting old friends that night, so the 4 of us (Sis, Me, Miles and Nico) went with her. The others (including my Dad) had dinner with the rest of the fam at Good Taste Chinese Resto. :) As for us...
Went to Casa Vallejo!

 Dropped by Mount Cloud Bookshop first

 Feeling book worm weh



Always be curious. Read!

 Door leading to the restaurant or coffee shop!

Mint tea and dessert

Tried out ASUS' beautification tool! Had fun making our eyes larger. Waaah.
 Creepy! Children of the Corn???

 Parang naluging Koreano haha

 Weird couple with weird eyes


After almost 2 hours of my Mom and her amigas making chika, we finally left Casa Vallejo and headed to the Ketchup Food Community to eat dinner!

There are I think 6-7 restos offering different cuisines inside!

 Wanted Thai food so we chose Happy Tummy thai resto!:)

 Happy fiesta!!! Loved everything!

My sister and I planned to go to the night market to ukay but failed to do so when she fell asleep. Booooo. So I just joined my cousins' inuman session and then we capped the night off at Spade where my cousins Balong and Grace are regulars. It's one of the two clubs that are famous in Baguio. I am not really a fan of "clubs" but made an exception that night! Feeling bagets kami ni Miles! Lol. 


 Thanks to my cousin Shaider for our drinks! Hehe

 Bumper to bumper o haha

 Fun at 3am

 Glutha cam! Love it I'm so white! Haha

We all woke up with wicked hangovers. Except for our cousins in Baguio. Coz they're immortal like that. Haha. Spent our last day thrift shopping at Hilltop and a quick sunset session at Session Road. :)

 Shopping incognito. Joke. Was playing with my niece.

 My Mom buying clothes for Ate Chayong our house angel. Sha ata pinakamaraming damit. Lol.

 Missed wearing tights like this! So, thank you Baguio. Haha.

Bought so much from 1 store! Quota na din. Was able to buy lots of amazing pieces for more or less a thousand bucks. Oh how I've missed my first love! Got lost for a time and forgot about it because of how blogging has changed. I still shop in the mall especially when it's sale season, but I've renewed my vow of never ever shelling out thousands of pesos for just 1 piece of clothing. Unless, it's absolutely necessary, it's absolutely worth it or if it will result to sleepless nights. ;)

 On our way back to the main road, passed by this stall...

 Was able to buy a large, gorgeous multicolored (blue, red , white) rug which you could also use as a decoration, sofa cover, table top, etc. just like the blue one above. Guess how much? P150!!!

 My Tita looking at the P5 bin. See the pile of clothes on the right? Was able to buy a brand new (tag attached) super pretty fully beaded black cardigan for just P40! Will post on IG soon!:)

After spending almost 3-4 hours thrift shopping, it was time to go back to the house and pack for our long journey home!
 Meeting sa room?

Solid tayo! Hehe!

We stayed behind for a few hours while the rest of the family headed straight to Manila. Took photos along Session Road and visited Oh My Gulay!:)

Feeling Shibuya Crossing daw. Hahahaha!

5 floors up:) Mejo hiningal Dad ko so it's not advisable for elders. 

Nico's bro. Obvious naman sa width nila noh? Haha

View from the balcony

Ordered my favorite Parmigiana and Arrabiata. YUMMM

OTWOL. Haha!

The drive home was longer and more boring than usual. Maybe because I wasn't able to sleep again. I had to keep Nico company and had to keep him awake. Pwede maghire na ng driver next time or magbus? I wanna sleep na please! LOL. It also didn't help that all of the fastfood restos along the way were closed! Huhu. We stopped 3x but not one resto was open (except for the last gas station) so we just gave up and decided to eat in Manila nalang. 

That's it pancit! It was such a quick trip but it's always worth it if you're with your family. Right? Til our next Baguio trip! Thank you Tita Ely and Tito Lito for always taking care of us when we're there. Love youuu!

P.S. If you need a place to stay in Baguio, stay in our place! Ipac residence is the best. Haha. Love ya. 

Address: #74 palma street 2nd road Baguio City, Philippines
Tel. No: (074) 442-9852 ; 09162231974

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