#My Break with KITKAT: Chris Brown Live in Manila!

I remember watching the Chris Brown x Rihanna concert years ago and it was so much fun! They were still an item that time (walang forever) and before, you know, shit hits the fan. Tsk. Well, to be honest, I like Chris Brown as an artist and I've always loved singing and dancing to his songs. Lakas maka LSS din eh. I also think he has one of the best R&B voices and one of the few who could bust out some wicked dance moves. Breezy sa lahat eh! Was supposed to watch his NYE's Countdown performance last year but it got cancelled at the very, very last minute. So, of course I had to go when AJ of KitKat invited me to have a break at his tuloy-na-tuloy-na-sure-na-no-erase concert last July 21 at MOA Arena. It finally happened!!! Here are photos!:)

 And we're back! Love MOA Arena's Premier Suites:)

 Hello, Team Breezy!!!

 Nabuhayan mga tao. Haha!

 KitKat's charging station! So cute:)


 The KitKat Suite:)

 Best company ever!:)

 Taking a break with my favorite girls!

 And with my favorite boy:)

 KitKat buffet haha

Me, Tracy, Ana and our photog Nico!

 Chris Brown and his crew bustin' their best moves!

 Thank you Aj and KitKat for having us!!!:)

Chris Brown sang his new songs, as well as some of his old hits. Posted  15-second video on IG!:) So much fun singing and dancing to them! Galawang breezy kami all night! Haha. Thanks again KitKat for this concert break and an awesome night!:) 

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