Me Time at Nail-a-holics

The day before we left for El Nido, I visited Nail-a-holics Nail Salon and Spa, Gateway for a much needed mani and pedi session. I always get my nails done because I was not blessed with pretty hands. Haha! I feel naked without polish on. Weird. Hihi. Anywaaay, we were headed to the beach and salt water could easily chip off regular polish (which is not a pretty sight), so I chose gel instead for my hands and feet. Photos!

 Nailaholics is located at the 5th level of Gateway's new wing!


So cozyyyy

 Comforting foot soak! Love the pebbles underneath

 Time to choose!

 While waiting for my session to start, Ate massaged and scrubbed my feet muna:)

 Nico arrived with our dinner! Yey. Haha

Gel polish is a little tedious. It takes longer than regular polish. So, one should really allot an extra hour or 2. It is not advisable if you're in a rush. I only had regular polish on my feet so it didn't take long to remove. My nails were then prepped for gel. 

My hands, on the other hand (how redundant haha), had gel polish so Ate had to soak my nails pa in cotton drenched in acetone then wrapped them in foil. She then scraped the polish after 15 minutes of soaking. 

 futuristic na ba? haha 

 Almost done! Didn't go for maroon this time. Chose a grayish neutral color for my hands and feet. 


love my new nails! Color is lighter in actual:)

 Nail art, anyone?

price list

Ongoing promo!!! 

Avail na now na!:) Thank you Nail-a-holics for my fabulous nails! :)

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