El Nido, Palawan Day: Bayview Resort + Photo Diary

I have been to Palawan twice before (with Mich and then with family) but only in Puerto Princesa. I've always wanted to go to El Nido but I was always reluctant. Maybe because I've always perceived this place to be expensive and I really believed one must save at least P20k for the trip. Well, I was wrong. Let me break it down for you later. This trip fell into place when I got an invite from The Resort Bayview Hotel, El Nido to check out their place and experience the island as well as their amazing accommodation and facilities. I asked the Clingies if they wanted to go and they said yes! We just agreed on a date, confirmed it with my contact Jocel (thanks girl!), and we're set. Stories through photos starting with outfit shots from Day 1...


Zara from OLX dress, H&M hat, Veloci watch, SM Parisian sandals

So with our accommodation and tours covered, we only needed to book our plane ticket and pay for our food and transfers. Not bad at all!:) Paul booked our roundtrip tickets bound for Puerto Princesa via AirAsia for just P2,500. Thank God for promo fares!:) Mejo malas lang because our travel dates coincided with 3 typhoons. We kept on exchanging Viber messages and I'm just glad that my friends are as YOLO as I am. Haha. Anywaay! Push!

On our way to the airport. 

positive pa din!

Terminal 4

Nico doing the check-in

We only use Primer bags for our trips! (L-R) My Herschel, Ana's Hedgren, Tracy's Roxy and Nico's Jansport :)

Scenario in departure area

Our super late lunch! In fairness for P120 masarap the food!:)

Paul reprezent! Haha.

Boarding time! D ko alam ano pinaglalaban ko dito. Haha.

 surprisingly, flight was not delayed

 Hello daw sabi ni Kuya sa likod

 Blog talaga ni Nico to, puro photos nia eh. Lol. 

 while waiting for take-off. more selfies!

 hello Ana. Haha

The Clingies are excited! 

 We arrived in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on schedule! Yehey! 

 I just had to take a photo of this girl. Love her outfit!

 Close up. Stalker lang?

My bag was last to come out. Booo.

Our service to El Nido was already waiting for us outside. The hotel arranged it for us. We paid P800 each because it was already considered a private trip. 

Our service! It was cozy and huge.

We were all starving na since it was already late and we haven't eaten dinner. So we decided to stop somewhere, load up and prepare ourselves for the long 5-hour ride to El Nido. Tracy suggested her friend's resto, La Terrasse, which turned out to be a great choice!!!:)


complimentary appetizer. bread sticks with pesto dip

Our orders! Nico and I had adobo rice and eggplant w/ tofu. Yum.


Nico and I paid P700 for our meal (including our share for dessert, Coke in can & service charge). It's pricier than the other restos but the taste, presentation and ambiance made everything worth it!

nice meal, great company :)

And then we're off to El Nido!

I was so excited when we boarded the van because I honestly thought I would be able to catch up on sleep. I was dead wrong. It turned out to be the longest 5 hours of my lifeeeee! Our driver was sooo terrible and the trip was hell. Haha. Honest opinion lang. Beast mode kung beast mode! It also didn't help that my bladder felt like exploding in the middle of the trip. We couldn't stop because the road was super, super dark and the path was lined with trees lang, forest, ganyan. Creepy. Try nio umihi dun. Perfect setting for a horror story. Haha! The other driver (kuya #2) was more mellow though and I was able to nap for like 30 minutes when he was on the wheel. But they substitute every hour until Kuya beast mode  completely took control of the wheel na up to El Nido. When we finally stopped for a quick bathroom break, I secretly pleaded kay Kuya #2 to drive, but to no avail. Haha!  Ang tindi ng concentration namin to control our urge to vomit. Lol. We also entertained ourselves nalang by joking around and making chika. Our transfer from Puerto to El Nido only took almost 4 hours!!!  It normally takes around 5-6 hours to get there. But I'd rather take time than feel sick noh. Haha. 

 Hello, The Resort Bayview Hotel!! Our home for 3 days. So beautiful. 

It was already 2am when we checked in.

 Lobby area

 Tour itineraries! Best tours are A & C!

Nico and I stayed at the Forest View Suite while Tracy, Ana and Paul stayed at Bayview Suite! :)
 Forest View is P5k a night

 Eeeh cheesy! Haha.

Bayview Suite for P10k a night:)
Love iiiit! I can stay here forever:)

We were sooo tired that we immediately fell asleep! There were insects in the room but that's just normal in El Nido. So don't panic. Haha. The next day...

 View from our hotel! Wooow.

Mejo effort lang pumunta sa rooms 'coz of the stairs, but okay na din for exercise!:)

They have a resto with the nicest view:)


It rained almost the whole day and all tours were cancelled for safety. We spent hours just lounging in our rooms until Nico and I decided to go to town and eat there. Paul and Ana came with us, while Tracy stayed behind. The hotel had a van and Gelo of Bayview was nice enough to drive us there and he took us to this nice little resto named Spider

We entered this narrow alley to get to the beach and the resto:)
 I love El Nido dogs! So sweet and friendly:)

 Spider Resto Bar! And Paul. Haha.

 Our view. Wooow.

 Ayan na ang ulan!!!

It rained for about 30 minutes, so we got stuck there. We panicked a little when we saw this whirlwind sa dagat that was heading towards us! It dissolved before it reached the shore. Thank God. I also felt like the roof is gonna come off anytime. Haha! We kept asking Ate if we're safe there. I'm sure jinudge niya kami. Lol. The food was surprisingly good! I ordered fried chicken and lakas maka Max's!:) Sulit din. They even gave us free dessert. Thank you!:)

When we got back, we stayed in our room for a bit before heading out again-- this time to the beach! It was just across our hotel and it's beautiful. :) Thank you Lord for giving us clear skies for more than 3 hours!:) This was also where I discovered all my accounts got hacked. But, I'll save that story for later. 

 TGIS lang haha

 Bayview has their own cabana! 

 Havaianas party!

 Happy kid! Masaya na naman ang batang hamog. Lol. 

 Kaya pa? Haha!

 Tampisaw sa Tag-Ulan starring Ana and Nico. Hehe.

 The beach:)

 Sweetest doggie ever!

Money shot. Na bumasa sa iphone ko. Haha.

Thank you The Resort Bayview Hotel for taking care of us!:) Can't wait to be back! Watch our for my next post-- El Nido Part 2!:)

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