#LaBoracay 2015: Journey to Freedom with Petrol

I have never been to Boracay during Labor Day and I've never experienced the craze that is LaBoracay. I got invited before but had to turn it down because of work and a planned family outing at a private resort in Puerto Galera. I don't think I want to go to Boracay just to party all day and all night. Haha! But when I got an email from Petrol asking me if I want to experience Laboracay with them, and when I saw the activities they prepared in alignment with their "Journey to Freedom" campaign, I said yes agad agad! The campaign is all about being free and conquering yourself and your fears even when you have a lot of things on your plate. I love the whole concept, their whole campaign and also the itinerary they prepared for us. Bucket list worthy. ;) Got super ecstatic lalo when I found out that they also invited my gf Anagon plus David Guison and Lissa Kahayon. And so, the journey begins!

 We first dropped by the Petrol store in Market, Market to shop for our Boracay trip! 

Love this!

 They have the best jogger pants! 

Got this for myself and the black one for the jowa hehe. He loves it so much, if he could, he'd wear it everyday. Haha. 

 Got a pair of jeans which is super comfortable and has the perfect fit!

 Also got this cute denim top and shorts:)

 DAY 1 - Journey to Boracay:)

Flight was at 3pm via Cebu Pacific. Left the house at around 1pm na mejo wrong move. Didn't anticipate the traffic near Terminal 3 which is due to the new Skyway's construction! Got stucked there for about 20-30 minutes. When I got to the airport, it was 30 minutes before boarding and the counter had closed. Huhu.

 Pinaghandaan ko talaga. I had my hair colored and permed pa for this. Haha! Thanks Status Salon!

BUT, I got left by the plane!!! Parusa!!! I was just 5 minutes late when the counter closed. It was such a hassle. But it was my fault, really. That didn't stop me though. Bilang I'm best in damage control, I was able to book a ticket via PAL (thank you Lord) for a flight that same day kahit 10pm! I even considered options like 2GO (fully booked til May 2) and Cebu Pacific (Roxas or Iloilo and then bus to Kalibo). Good job, me! Haha. Since I had a few hours to burn, decided to eat first and tambay at Terminal 3 before taking the airport shuttle to Terminal 2 where the PAL flights are.  

 PG mode.

Super funny, when I texted my Mom to tell her the news, she told me she's at Terminal 2 din because she also has a flight to Bacolod. Weird. Haha. So, off I went to Terminal 2.

 Thank God for free terminal transfers!

 My forever trip companions-- Voyager luggage bag and Hedgren tote bag!

 Love my Petrol shirt:)

Chillin like a villain while waiting for the shuttle


 The van dropped us off in front of Terminal 2's entrance:)

 My mom helped me check-in:)

 Waiting for our flights:)

 Saved by PAL. Hehe.

 Super comfy airport outfit!

Petrol shirt & pants, Keds sneakers, Fly Shades sunnies, Hedgren bag 

 Worked muna while waiting for boarding

 Boarding na finally!

 Haggard na but happy that I'm finally leaving for Boracay!

 tara na kuya late nako. haha

 Upon arrival, headed straight to the Southwest booth for my service to Caticlan port. Funny convo. Pax: Kuya, Aisa Ipac. Kuya: Ah oo, ikaw yung naiwan ng eroplano! Pax: um, yup. Kumalat na ang chismis sa Aklan. Wahaha.

 Our bus going to the port. Journey was 1 1/2 hours

Then we boarded this Southwest ferry going to the island 

Stepped foot on the island at around 3am. Got on Southwest's service going to the hotel but had a bad experience. Super hassle because Kuya driver forgot about me and dropped off the others first at the farthest stop. Got a little scared because I was alone and it was dark and he was a little creepy and annoying. I was already pissed off and ranting because I was so tired and the guy at the port reminded him twice that there's someone who'll go down at Pearl of the Pacific but he did not and he won't listen! Anobe koyaaa. Epic pa, he suddenly stopped in front of a house and went down holding his rubber shoes. I assumed it was his house and he just wanted to drop his shoes off but hellooo I was still there! I was secretly panicking na. But it didn't end there! Someone got on the service (Thank God), nakisabay lang to the town proper. Kuya dropped me off at an alley with the sign P.O.P. So I asked him, "Is this Pearl of the Pacific?" (I was also confused because same ng acronym eh). He said yes. So I went down, got my bags and he left. I called Ana to ask where she was and if I'm in the right place. Surprise, surprise! Wrong place nga. So I had to walk alone in a dark alley and look for a tricycle who brought me to the right place. Got there at around 4 am na! Was so tired I totally forgot I haven't eaten dinner and went straight to sleep. What a freakin ordeal. The whole trip made it all worth it naman. :)

Day 2 - Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Parasailing, ATV

With just a few hours of sleep, we used up all of our reserved energy doing fun activities! I have tried these activities before but it was still fun and it feels like the first time, every time! From morning til afternoon, we were out in the sea and on land enjoying ourselves and each other's company! Photos...

Pearl of the Pacific! Yung totoong P.O.P.! It's just along the main road. It's easy to spot coz you'll see a mini bridge above the street.

Breakfast area

Boracay mornings


pang alay ba to? haha

Set breakfast for our first day

Met up with David and Lissa (who was also in the island for Nestea) in the hotel for our first activity that day: Island hopping & Snorkeling!:)

Bloggers with Petrol's Shannon and Paolo who were both super fun to be with! Sepanx haha.

Emo si David o

First stop: Puka Beach!!!

Winning TGIS shots. Haha! #squadgoals lol

Lunch muna!


Yummmm! Best in lamon kami ni David haha

David and Lissa had to leave agad because they had Nestea duties, but the 4 of us continued our journey to freedom (naks) by doing more activities that day!!! First: Snorkeling!

Skype muna with the jowa! From Boracay to Batad, with love! Extremes haha.

D ako makagetover kay Manong Buko! Cute eh!

Had to do this!

Ano yun? Haha

From buko.. to Magnum! Ang bongga ng sales sa Boracay seas. Haha.


2nd activity: PARASAILING!
Signing of waiver


Off we go!


BU9 meeting haha.

Once you're up in the air, it's so peaceful. It's amazing how the world seems so huge and so small at the same time. :) 

If you're afraid of heights or if you easily get dizzy, skip this activity. Death by puking and ending. 

And we're down. Kuya may shark!!! Haha. The whole activity lasts for 15 minutes lang.

Thug life. Haha! 

3rd activity: ATV

Short briefing muna for safety

Power Rangers

Party party by SMART!:)

Boracay has one of the best sunsets:)

Laboracay Crowd

Jonah's for dinner! Drank this Papaya shake which helped my digestion! Yipee. Thank you, Lord!


After dinner, we went back to the hotel na to freshen up and relax. Ana and I decided to go out, not to party,  but to buy hair conditioner. Haha. Lola hits! We wanted to walk lang and see what's up. We rested for quite a bit before going out and I took this opportunity to work on my homebased job tasks!

Had almost 2 hours by myself to catch up on tasks. Was supposed to have Skype interview with a client but there was no quiet spot anywhere so we decided to cancel it. Haha.

Skype nalang with the jowa haha!

Ana and I finally went out at around 11pm. We met up with Ms. Roch of Veloci and also snacked on quesadillas and chicken at Pizza Hut

Thank you Ms. Roch for our Veloci watches!!!:) Been abusing my black one for months na. I don't take it off even when I'm swimming.

Midnight snack

We went back to our hotel afterwards and drifted to dreamland before we could even finish a story. Haha! 

DAY 2 - Cliff Diving + Party!

Mas extremes our day 2. We had to condition our minds and heart (haha OA) for the activity that was up ahead-- Cliff Diving at Ariel's Point! No turning back, no chickening out. It was my first time, so I really didn't know what to expect and what to feel. Haha. Met up at Ariel's House, Station 1 (between Club Paraw & Bama Grill) for registration, signing of waiver and a quick briefing. Guests are advised to buy tickets and reserve slots beforehand. Shannen from Petrol had ours reserved weeks before the trip! Tickets are priced at P2000 per person, inclusive of boat ride, cliff diving, snacks, drinks, buffet lunch, kayak, snorkeling. For that price, worth it na!:)

 The Petrol team (minus the 2 Japanese haha) getting ready for the fun activity ahead. Met up with Lissa + Santi, David and also baby girls Kat and Vina!


 Boats going to Ariel's Point! Boats depart at around 11:15am and returns 5pm. No other schedule. You should talk to their staff for special considerations. :)

 David's new friends. Hehe! 

 Inavail namin ni Ana ang free drinks. Cheers!

 After 45 minutes.... we're here!!!

 Into the batcave! Haha.

 Spectacular view:) Kayaks for free!

 Tambayans. So chill!

 Free drinks and free snacks! We like!!! Inavail na naman namin ni Ana the free Red Horse. Pampatapang! Haha.

 Blogger loves:)

 Everyone's cheering and watching. Added stress. Haha!

 Calm before the storm. Lolz.

 Santi, Lissa's bf, was first to jump! At 8 meters! Nice!:)

 Vina and the others had to leave in an hour so they had no choice but to avail agad agad. 

 Vina can't swim, but Kuya lifeguard was there to assist her. Nice!

 Hello Kat Valdez!

The rest of the group tried out the 5-meter drop, while Ana and I opted for 8 meters agad! We thought, it's our first time, so why not go for the mildy extreme agad. Yabang talaga haha! Dialogue:

Pax: Ano, tara 8 meters tayo agad.
Ana: Cge sure yan? Yabang natin! Haha!
Pax: Ano ka ba Diplomat hotel tagteam tayo eh! Kaya natin yan!
Ana: Cge go!!! 
Pax: Practice muna tayo, dapat strand straight tayo para perfect landing. 
Ana: (practices magleap sa elevated platforms)
Pax: Dali lang yan! Game!

 Nagpractice ngunit kulang. Haha! We practiced but when you're up there, wala na lahat! Any any nalang. Haha!

That's the only photo I have because my leap was a spur of the moment decision! I was supposed to go first. So, I went up the ledge. While I was walking towards the edge, I got scared a little. Intimidating the height ng very light! Plus, the crowd pa who's all watching and cheering. So I went back and asked Ana if she could go first. So up went Ana. I don't know what came over me but when Ana was inching her way towards the edge, I suddenly shut down (you have to shut your feelings down para no fear), ran to the edge (hinawi ko si Ana ng very light) and jumped! Nagulat sila lahat hahaha! Nasa isip ko lang nun, "Fuck it. Let's get this over with." Haha! Ana jumped next and nakuha pa nia mag indian seat! Haha. So cool! I think my landing was a little off because Kuya asked me agad if I'm okay. I was okay! I felt okay! A few hours later, I felt the bruises na on my left leg. Haha. So much for practicing the perfect landing and for being okay. Lol.

 Can't get over

 8 meters is approximately 26 feet. It looks high from above. It felt high din when I jumped. You would linger in the air pa for 2-3 seconds before you hit the water. I died. 

 Coz I'm freeeeee... free fallinnnnn... :) 15-meter jump!

Buffet lunch for everyoneee!

While waiting for Kuya to replenish some of the dishes, a foreigner talked to us and asked me if I'm okay. Again, the landing. Haha! He told me I fell sideways. Told him I'm okay and it didn't hurt. Talked about other things too. It's such an amazing place to relax, unwind, conquer your fears and make new friends! Stayed for awhile and planned to kayak. For us to get down, we had to jump over a 3-meter cliff. We couldn't freakin' do it! As in super weird. It think we were really traumatized from our fall. Haha. So after staying up there and just staring at the water for like 15 minutes, we decided to retreat and walk nalang going to the raft. Lol. When we got there, no more kayaking na so we just swam nalang. Come 4pm, we were summoned by the kuyas na coz it was time to pack up and go back to the island!

 Party scene na pagbalik namin

  The Petrol x FHM booth is ready!

Aura muna before sunset. Haha.

 Coco Cabana by SM Woman romper, Veloci watch

 Sunset session with these pretty gals!

 Vina, Ana, Me, Kat

 The moon rose early:)

Kulitan galore!

 Selfie pa more

 Pastel painted skies

After sunset, Ana and I relaxed for a bit in our room. Around 9pm, we decided to come down and have dinner. Ended up eating at P.O.P's resto nalang din. Too tired! Haha. Didn't know that parties start early pala, when we got to the PETROL event it has tamded down na. Haha! Still fun though!:)

 DJ Katsy Lee playing some wicked beats!

 With the PETROL team! Such a fun bunch!:)

 Forever partner Anagon

 Girls, girls, girls everywhere! Sexy ng FHM girls. Haha!

Was so tired from the activities that day so we retired early. While people were partying outside, we were watching news sa TV. Pampaantok. Haha! Next time, will recharge and party like crazy na talaga!

Day 3 - Going home!

The next day, Ana and I woke up early to grab some breakfast with our bf Paul! He just arrived, so we wanted to spend kahit a few hours with him before we head back home.

 OOTD sila while I'm trying not to die of heatstroke. Lol.

Group pic via self-timer hehe

Checked out around lunch time and left the hotel briefly to grab some lunch...
 Pearl of the Pacific's pool

 Lobby area.

 Our bed! We stayed in the Beachfront Suite:)

Love eet. Thanks Ana for these pics!

 Random; Here are my battle scars from the cliff diving activity! It extends until the butt area. Haha.

Decided to have lunch at Two Seasons. Our favorite lamon spot!

 Mine - Lechon kawali

 Ana's and ours. Winner forever the cheese pizza. Yuuum.

 Happy kids. Thanks Petrol!

Thank you Petrol for bringing us to Boracay, taking us on this wonderful journey to freedom and letting us experience some of our firsts! Haha. It was truly a trip worth remembering. So many great memories. One for the books:) Can't wait to go on more adventures with you! We hope. Haha. Thank you Shannen and Paolo for taking care of us! Can we see you soon? We miss you!!! Thanks also, Jon!:)

Watch our adventure here!

Where deadlines are met and vacations are set.Laboracay '15
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