ROXY Outdoor Fitness Camp

The Roxy Outdoor Fitness Girls Camp might just be has just become one of the highlights of my year! When KC of Primer asked me to go, I said yes instantly without knowing what to expect. I just thought, if it's Roxy & Primer, it should be good. They only invited 5 bloggers and I'm happy to have gone through this awesome experience with amazing people. You'll know what I mean later when I tell you the story through photos! Let's start with a Roxy swimwear post (para lang maganda first pic sa post haha)...

don;'t judge my kili-kili. Wag mag expect ng maputi dahil d rin naman ako kaputian db? Haha defensive??? Sakto na yan wag na choosy. Lol!

Roxy swimwear & cap, Romwe shorts, Fly shades, Veloci watch, Havaianas slippers

Tracy and I was not there on the 1st day because we had work to finish. We followed a few hours after by taking a Victory Liner bus to Olongapo and we were fetched by Primer's service which then took us to Crystal Beach resort. We arrived 1am and everyone's asleep na except for Ana na ginising namin haha! We were just so happy to see each other and just be there together! Clingy kung clingy. Haha. Here's what greeted us when we arrived...  

 Love this!

We were so exhausted so we went right to sleep and decided to catch up the next day....
Roxy activity wear & swim wears, Backburn shorts, Lagu mat, Loreal shampoo, Garnier facial wash, Belo sunscreen, Myra E vitamins, PH Care wipes. Wowza.

 Our Roxy Outfoor Fitness Camp kit!!! OMG kabuhayan showcase. We were like happy kids on a Christmas day. Haha. We had an outfit for every activity! Ang bongga mo talaga Chinky haha. 


We missed out on the 1st activity that day (trekking) because we slept na around 3am and the trek starts at 6am. Cannot. So pass muna kami hihi. The first activity we participated in that day was the Ukelele lessons by the awesome peeps of Four Strings Manila! Learned so much. I can now play I'm Yours & Stay With Me. Jam na. Haha.

 winging it. we look like naturals noh? haha.

 private lessons & jamming sessions haha

 The first batch of Roxy Fitness campers! Saling ketket lang kami haha. They availed Roxy's camp package! I think they paid P9k for the whole trip. Super worth it na!:)

Nagmomoment si Tracy & Chinky haha

 Nagmoment din kami ni Ana sa swing haha

 Our home for 2 days!

 Lunch time!

 Planet Zips conducted a surprise Poi raffle! Surprise, surprise... I won!!! I never win so this was HUGE. Yung sigaw ko parang nanalo sa sweepstakes. Hahahah!

Tracy won too! Kung sino pang wala sa Poi lessons haha. We had to try out our new toys agad agad. Thank you Planet Zips for these & the crash course!

 So much fun bonding with these beauties! Asan si Laureen?

 Bloggers: What you think we do (wearing Roxy tanktop!)

Bloggers: What we really do (the struggle is real haha. thanks sa support tracy)

 GGSS lol

Poi pa more

 Spiderman! haha

Tried playing with Tracy's Poi. Hirap din haha.


 Laureen's cutie donut

 it harder than it looks. Mga 10x ako nasampal sa face ng poi ball. haha

 Tracy, Laureen, Moi, Camille & Anagon. 
We are all wearing swimwear from Roxy!

my girls

We were given more than an hour to refresh and rest before BOOTCAMP! Us bloggers talked about not exerting so much effort and igive nalang sa other campers. But I guess we just couldn't control our being competitive. In the end, our teams all placed and we were in the Top 4! Hihi. SO.MUCH.FUN. Best activity ever.


 Ana and I teamed up while Tracy partnered with KC of Primer. Laureen and Camille also. 

 First Challenge: We were each given a pattern to complete. I of us was blindfolded (the seeker) and the other will act as the voice that will guide them to the correct pattern or boards which were scattered all over the floor/sand.

 Kagulo! Our team's strategy was to use beki language so its easier to find or distinguish my voice. Super laughtrip!!! I kept on shouting "Gorabels!" "Keribem!" Hahaha.

 2nd Challenge: Human Wheelbarrow. Hahaha! Achieve! Lumabas mga natatago kong lakas ah!

We had to complete each challenge before we could get the next one. Lakas maka amazing race. Lol.

 3rd Challenge: Workout Sequence. Mejo naconfuse kami dito. Laughtrip na naman haha,

 Halfway through the game, Ana and I were leading na!!! We took the lead na during the math challenge where we had to find roman numerals scattered all over the campsite and then add all of them to come up with the final total. Nailed it! Feeling math whiz kami after haha.

 Gamemaster: Only 1 of you should do the next challenge. This is a test of agility.  
Pax: Ikaw na Ana! 
Ana: Ikaw na Pax! 
Pax: Wait, define agility. Cge ako na! Hahahaha!

Here's where we lost our lead. The Yoga challenge! We were asked to do 2 poses, hold the position for a few seconds so the gamemaster could take a photo. Ang hirap promise! We were trying to perfect it pero pwede naman pala kasi na hinde. Sayang!:( 

 Give na give kami o. Haha! 

 Nailing this. Haha!

 Tracy & KC ended up at 2nd place, Lau & Cams at 3rd, Ana & I at 4th. Congrats sa nagwagi!!!:)

We were again given time to refresh & rest and also eat dinner. Boodle fight!!!
If you're going to Crystal Beach and you plan to boodle fight, it's just P300 per person!:)

After dinner, Zumba naman! We also talked about staying at the back lang and magchill chill lang during the activity. But no!!! Ayan o harap na harap talaga. Haha! Best in participation.

Our super awesome teacher!

It was my 1st time to Zumba and it was so much fun!!! Energy!!!

Happy campers!

We retreated na to our room after to refresh & rest...again. We wanted to sleep na sana but we just couldn't resist the idea of bonfire, ukelele & beer. Except for Tracy who drank Chocolait. Haha. We ended up staying for hours just singing, jamming,  making chika. It was a perfect night. :)

We fell asleep quickly coz we were so tired. Ended up not waking up for Yoga the next morning (except for Ana). Joined the group na for breakfast and then another race after. This time, we decided to skip it na talaga coz we were so full & we felt like vomiting from too much food. Haha.

 Briefing by Quiksilver surf camp instructors!

 And the race is on!


 Time for paddle board

 Hi Cams! Kyots hehe

 Lifeguard 101

Bloggers with Roxy's brand manager, Chinky!:)

 Fun ride going to the far end of the beach with Crystal Beach's owner!:)

 Ang ineeet! Haha

Sadly, most of our photos were in Ana's phone (which committed suicide a few minutes after these photos were taken huhu) but this area was so beautiful! Straight from a postcard.:)

No waves but it was the perfect time to paddle board! So fun!:)

And then it was time for lunch & time to prepare for our trip back home. Huhubels.

 Thank yous and a speech by Primer peeps & Crystal Beach's Abby!

 prizes were given to participants

 We were also given tokens! Kakaiyak huhu.

 A surprise before we leave...

 Our own tribute tree! Awww. :)

 Our names will be there forever daw. Forever ha Abby hehe. Ours are not there coz we took home our boards haha! Bloggers eeeh need namin for photos and our home. Hihi. We were told na they'll make a new one nalang for us.:)

 Thank you to Nestle for our pabaon na cereals!!! So yummy!

Now here are some of the rooms you could rent at Crystal Beach! 

Staying here this Holy Week!:)



 House of Ezra

House of Naomi


 House of Judah



View the complete list of accommodations & prices here:

This place made me so happy that I'm heading down there tomorrow! Spending the weekend there with my love & my sister & bro-in-law. So excited. :) Thanks again ROXY for this amazing experience!!! Can't wait for the next one!:)


  1. It looks like you had a blast! Great post :)

  2. 'been there last Holy Week. The place is great, the people are all nice, the food is WOW and the sunset is awesome! :)

  3. I like the place. Nice camp location. Excited to use the rashguard that I bought at R.O.X and the drybag at www.suntrekoutdoors.com

  4. I like your activities outfit. Its look nice. Where can I find wholesale name brand clothing
    like yours?


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