Go Play With Your Hair, DOVE Got You Covered!

If I only have the patience + time, I am certain I'd be one of those girls who can't leave the house without fixing their hair to perfection. Whenever I have a special event to go to or I have a few minutes or hour to spare, I try to curl my super annoyingly straight hair. Of course, I know heat from the curler damages the hair so I use a heat protectant spray. Not sure if it's effective though because for one, my hair is still dead as a walis. Di lang obvious because I use conditioner everyday. Now, I'm so happy to share with you the only hair-saver you would ever need. DOVE's Intense Repair Haircare Range has got us all covered! So curl, straighten, perm, blowdry, clip, tie your hair away without worrying about damages. Photos from the launch:)

 Demo! They used 2 roses (delicate like our hair!) to show how effective Dove is. One was coated with Dove, the other was not. They then blow-dried both. 

So amazing how the one with Dove (right) looked fresh & alive! Wows.

Aside from blowdrying, curling, straightening, coloring, even every day activities, like towel drying, combing, brushing, and exposure to sun and wind can also cause damage to our hair.

 Hair Play stations!

Dove’s latest campaign invites women to Go Play with their Hair, while Dove takes care of the damage. Thanks to Keratin-Actives, a new, patented hair care technology, Dove Damage Therapy not only repairs damaged hair but also strengthens it to make it more resilient against future damage. Keratin-Actives provide superior nourishment and deeply penetrate into hair to repair it from the inside out, so hair looks, and feels healthy, and moves beautifully.
With my GFs Tracy, Ana & Sarah

 choose your weapon hehe

 Hair clips, pins, scrunchies were all available:)

 The DOVE Intense Repair Haircare Go Play Kit! Love this!

 Mother Earth and her new hair! So cute hehe

 My turn! 

 Wasn't able to try the Flipbook! Super fun this one!

 You had to flip your hair for 7 seconds and then they'll turn your photos into this Flipbook. Cool.

Unilever's PR, the gorgeous Apples Aberin:)

Bloggers love DOVE!:)

Get the hair you've always wanted without worrying about damages! Show the world what real beauty is and Go Play With Your Hair with DOVE!:) Thank you Unilever & Bridges for inviting us to this wonderful event!:)

Dove’s Intense Repair Haircare range is available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

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