Bohol 204, Day 2: Work & Play

Here's the 2nd installment of my Bohol work trip! I was asked by Direk Jake Soriano to style Bellevue Resort's new ad materials and I immediately said yes! I've worked with Direk Jake (music videos for Polyeast Records) before and I've always had the best time, so it was a no-brainer na. Haha. When I learned we're shooting Bellevue, I got more excited! Brought Nico with me as my assistant. Buti nalang! Can't imagine carrying 2 huge luggage bags plus other bags all by myself. Kamusta naman ang scolio ko baka mag 100 degrees na db. Hihi. Anyway, our first day of shoot's calltime was 5am. You know I'm not a morning person so it was really, really difficult for me. But, nasurvive ko naman! Haha. Here are photos starting with my after lunch outfit after I took a bath... don't judge. ;)

ROMWE romper & bracelet, MANGO white shirt, FOREVER 21 hat, FABU ACCESSORIES horseshoe necklace, NAVA shades, CMG sandals


 Love my horseshoe necklace from FABU! 

Also love my metallic silver sandals from CLN!

Here are photos from that day! 
 Goodmorning, Bellevue!

Ready to shoot at 6am!

Direk Jake giving a briefing

 Listening to Direk Jake give directions

 Waking up to Bellevue's beauty scene

 bat bako nakajacket? ayaw umitim haha

 Shoot, the Mayad way.

 hi guys. hehe!

 Victor waiting for his turn!


 Was trying to hide behind the board. Haha. So hooot. Haha

 Janet is wearing a bikini top from CESA! Thanks Chaley!

Testing the hover copter

Scene 2 was by the pool area!

 last minute fixes

 waiting to roll
 Direk Fiel naman shooting this scene

 Saya maging model minsan noh? Swim swim lang. Haha

Swimsuit by CESA!

 Beach essentials -- hat, Momax powerbank from Digits Trading, drink & Dermcare SPF 130 sunblock!

 effective sha in fairness

Scene 3 was shot in the former Presidential suite. I heard they're renovating it into a bar or something. Or not.

 Beautiful view


 Shempre pic muna haha

The models. Charot. Haha! Models, stylist, HMUA!:)

 Masaya si Guilly. Hehe! Hi Mars. It was our first time to work together ha! Love him!

 Aral aral ng sequence

After Scene 3, we were given time to refresh (in short, maligo na daw kami kasi ang baho na namin haha) and then we had lunch to recharge for the remaining scenes!

Scene 4 was shot in the Bellevue Suite:)

 no filter!

 view from the balcony. gandaaa.

 bedroom scene. hihi.

 jacuzzi scene

 we had to retake this a few times because we all, mostly the models haha, couldn't stop laughing! Hihihi.

Scene 5 was taken by the pool again! Sunshet shots...

Saya nila oh!

Shoot wrapped up at around 6pm. Changed into our swimwear and took a dip na din! Here's Nico na damang-dama ang view...
Love Bellevue's infinity pool:)

That ends Day 2!!! Two more posts. Thanks for reading! :)

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