My YSA Skincare Experience + Win P5k GCs!

I am an YSA girl. I love, love, love YSA because they stand true to their tagline, "YSA Loves Me Better". They do, they really do:) After every session, I feel more confident, lighter & well cared for. I'm sure you've all witnessed my whole warts removal experience (have to do it again very soon!) and some more services I availed which I posted online. I have tried RF and Diamond Peel and I highly recommend them! Here are some photos I took from random YSA Skin & Body Experts Clinic visits...:)

We love YSA Greenfields! I only go to Galleria or here.:)

 Barefaced. Ready for my Diamond Peel!

 My room:)

Okay, I already forgot the exact procedure but let me remember through photos...
 There was mask applied on my face...

 And also moisturizer... I think the little purple wand or applicator is the one that delivers a steady stream of fine diamond to the face or skin.

 I was left with the cream on & they had a steamer over my face...

 This silver wand was scraped over my face to vacuum the dead skins or cells. Whatever it is, nakakaganda sha ng skin!

 They were also kind enough to inject a pimple removing liquid to my very annoying beneath the skin pimple. It dried within seconds!

This is one procedure I would want to religiously accomplish. I really saw instant results and left there with a nicer, rosy, smoother, more radiant skin!  It diminishes age spots, wrinkles, freckles and even stretch marks or acne scars. 

 They had promos that time. So cheap nalang! Best to call them to inquire if they still have them.

I also tried RF or Radio Frequency!!! I know what you're thinking... that I don't need it. Believe me, I do. Haha. I maybe thin but I have cellulites and lukots sa stomach area which I find very annoying. I want to eliminate them somehow and this is the quickest way to achieve that!

Relax-F (Radio Frequency) is both equipped with Unipolar and Bipolar Radio Frequency that safely and effectively treats broad range of skin imperfections and stored fats problems. The machine tightens the skin, lifts the brows, the cheeks, mid-face, jaw line and the neck. It can also be used for body contouring through its fat reduction and cellulite treatment. Bongga.

I was asked to remove anything that might contain metal. Better safe than sorry! Ayoko ma electrocute hehe. I had to lie down on this bed with a metal plate underneath. They then applied a gel substance on my stomach and then ran the heated RF machine over it for about 20 minutes. Whenever the heat becomes too much, just ask Ate to lower it. :)

I felt my skin and stomach tighten talaga after! Swear. It melted my excess fats sa stomach. Of course, if you want better results you have to do more or less 10 sessions of RF. But as I said, it's best to always ask first because treatments may vary per person. You should also follow it up with regular diet & exercise.  

Also tried bleaching but failed. Haha! Their procedure is very effective but my super maarte, allergic skin wasn't able to handle the bleach :( I only lasted for 5 minutes and then washed them all off. If you can tiis ganda, this one's worth it!

Tracy and I loves YSA!

Also had my gluthatione shot last week! Only 2 more vials left. Ito pa rin yung dati. Ako na best in not following up. Haha. But I vow to strictly stick to the once a week sched next time. ;)

hanap hanap ng vein. d naman mahirap haha.

it's in agad!

had to wait for more than a minute before it all gets injected.:)

As a said, this is only effective if done religiously (my favorite word for this post) and if you will not expose yourself to direct sunlight. So if you're addicted to the sea & the sun, then forget it. Sayang lang pera. Haha.

Now, here's the best part!!! 3 of you could win P5k worth of GCs from YSA!!! You could have those warts removed, get a facial, diamond peel, RF, bleach etc etc. It's on me. On us.;)


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3. Repost the image below on your IG account & answer this question (post as your caption)

"Which treatments or service from YSA Skincare would you like to try out & why?" 

Don't forget to include the hashtags: #YSALovesMeBetter & #DExYSAGiveaway & don't forget to tag 2 of your friends!

Will run this for 2 weeks. YSA will decide who wins. Come up with clever captions or answers! Time to pamper yourselves & give those skins the break they deserve. Goodluck guys!:)

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  1. I joined this giveaway Ms. Aisa, I really want my skin to be summer ready :P
    Thank you for the chance


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