YSA Skincare Review: Warts Removal + Gluthatione Shots

I have to admit, there are days when I really feel like crap. There are also days when words of encouragement, self-worth or positivity doesn't seem to do the trick. That's when I seek help from outside, better known as science. I think it's okay to indulge once in a while, to take care of your skin or yourself through alternative means. Case in point, warts removal & gluthatione IV shots! 

I've always had this warts problem and was just too lazy or scared to confront it. Do you know that warts could easily spread through direct contact (like beso beso) or by using a sponge, makeup brush or pillow that was used by someone who has warts? Yuppppp. I just recently opened myself up to skincare treatments and I wish I could have done it sooner. Here's how I finally eliminated those annoying facial warts!

Selfie before the procedure! Can you see my warts? I can't. Haha. 

Chose their Robinson's Galleria branch because it's near Cubao where I live:)

  Other services they offer:)

 Another selfie where you can clearly see the huge wart sa lower left eye. It's such an obstacle when I apply concealer! 

 I was asked to remove my makeup. Wish they have makeup remover though!:)

 Makeup free fez

 That white cream is actually anesthesia. They applied it, put cling wrap over it and then left it for 45 minutes. It makes your face numb. Heehee. 

Anesthesia and the cauterization machine

What's used to electrocute/burn and zap the warts away.

The zapping of warts took almost 30 minutes. I didn't know that I had that many! I thought mga 5 pcs lang. But noooo, mga 5 million ata. Lol. Each wart was zapped 2-3 times. Whenever the pain seemed unbearable (it's like being burned & electrocuted ng very very very light), I just ask Ate to take a 3-second break in between the zapping. Worked naman. Here's the finished product!

 O db mej kadire lang. Haha. But don't panic! It's organic. Joke. It's normal. ;)

At this point, my whole face was an open wound. Haha. I was asked to apply Benozyl Peroxide or Erythromycin all over my face to avoid infection, to dry out the wounds and to speed up the healing process. In fairness, my skin glows after every application. Pwedeng forever nalang? Haha. 

 After application of facial antibiotic, hours after the procedure

To cut the story short, I wasn't able to leave the house for 4 days 'coz my face looked scary and I was asked not to wash my face for 3 days. So haaaard. Haha. Scabs formed and looked like scattered sesame seeds or black ants. It's part of the healing process, so don't worry. I already knew this but I still panicked. GMG ako ng GMG. Google mo girl. Haha. Documented the healing process to show you the progress each day...

Day 2

Day 3

 Scabs are now visible! Scabs are hard covering of dried blood that forms over a wound to cover and protect it as it heals. Do not kutkot or peel! 

Day 4
 Scabs are now darker and almost ready to fall off.

I can't stay long at home 'coz of work, so on the 4th day I tried to run some errands na!:) I just wore glasses and lipstick! Already washed my face with water. Just water ha, no soap or facial wash muna. Also don't rub, just pat gently. 

Day 5
 Scabs finally started to fall off! Some of them I accidentally rubbed off. Huhu. Avoid doing that because it leaves a white mark, or peklat on your skin. Can you see the red patches and parang small craters? Yun yun.

Day 10
The white mark under my eye is from a huge scab. It eventually disappeared. :) Love how my skin felt and looked days after! It's now easier to put concealer yey. 

Do take note that warts return after sometime. That's why it's important to have it checked once in a while and removed to avoid spreading it. Will come back soon to eliminate naman warts on my neck and chest!:) Price: P2k+ unlimited warts removal on one area. 

Now, let's proceed to my favorite... Gluthatione Injections!

Double dose per session with Vitamin-C:)

 So easy to locate my veins, no sweat. Haha.

I'm down to my last 2 sessions and I'm still not that white. It's my fault, really. People who avail this treatment should avoid sun exposure because it will only defeat the purpose. Aaand, that's exactly what I did. Boooo. I had a shoot in Bohol where I had to work and stay under the sun for a long time. Plus, I frequently walk under the scorching heat of the sun without an umbrella. I noticed an improvement on my skin though! It is now clearer and glows more. Plus, gluthatione is known to protect our liver and whole body from diseases and also repairs tissues. It's one of the most powerful antioxidants which leaves us healthier, adds immunity and slows down aging. In short, it's good for you. Bonus nalang the whitening.  

This is what you call Intravenous Gluthatione Injection. The pumping  or injection takes around 1 to 1.5 minutes and done slowly. 

Gluthatione shots are priced at approximately P1800 per shot. It's more or less P20k for 10 sessions. :) You can also call their branches to know the exact rates:) Hope this review helped some of you who are thinking of undergoing these treatments and procedure! It's best to have a consultation first. Have it done by trusted professionals like YSA Skincare who has been in the beauty industry for years. Can't wait to get back to have RF (Radio Frequency) and Diamond Peel naman! :) 

P.S. I'll be giving away YSA Skincare GCs soon. Watch out for it!

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  1. Best in review ka dito ah. Good job for being brave. Your selfies are hot, too. Hehehe

  2. So amazing!!!!!!!

  3. I agree, you're so brave in this review. Looking forward to your RF review naman. But wait, may ia-RF pa ba sa'yo? Ang slim mo na eh!

  4. i just had my warts removed at YSA too. This gave me an idea how long the healing process really is. thank you for you sharing.

  5. Hello..d na po bah bumalik yung warts mo?sa akin kasi after a week bumalik na naman yung mga maliliit na hindi na cauterized ayun lumaki na ngayon..at saka one day lng d pwde mabasa yung sa akin

    1. Bumabalik sha talaga:) Paalis nalang if meron ulit:)

    2. I think it's not warts. Syringoma lang yan. If it's skin colored, hindi siya warts. Some clinics are using the "warts" because most of the people are not aware of the syringoma. Syringoma is actually a skin disease na pabalik balik and forever na sa katawan ng kung sino mang meron. Better to go to a hospital talaga and para macheck ng real dermatologist.

  6. I was not told not to wet my face. 😣 Pano yun nag hilamos ako ngayon? Ano kaya possible effect? I'm worried. 😢😭

    1. I think not washing the face is for the wounds to heal faster and properly. If you washed it I guess okay lang naman it's nothing serious:)

  7. I was not told not to wet my face. So I washed it before I went to bed. What would be the possible effect? I'm so worried now. :(

  8. I was not told not to wet my face. 😣 Pano yun nag hilamos ako ngayon? Ano kaya possible effect? I'm worried. 😢😭

  9. Hi, read your blog and I have totally decided to have it removed. Does your face is clear na talaga? Walang naiwan na peklat? I have a deeper skin tone kaya baka magpeklat ba?

  10. Hi, after reading your blog I finally decided to get this warts of may face. I'm just afraid it will have a permanent scar. Nag scar ba yung sayo after the scabs fall off?

  11. Hi, after reading your blog I finally decided to get this warts of may face. I'm just afraid it will have a permanent scar. Nag scar ba yung sayo after the scabs fall off?

    1. I'm gonna get it done later na. Thank you


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