A Pinch of Flamenco + Philippine Fashion Week!

I have this fascination for everything vintage and that includes cultural & historical fashion. When I think of Spain, I imagine dancing, colors, graceful matadors, the World Cup, paella and lots and lots of dancing. I could only imagine the beauty that is Spain (one of the places I want to go to in my bucket list) and if I'm lucky, maybe learn how to dance the Flamenco. Let me take you through Spanish fashion by photos I took from the last Philippine Fashion Week shows of Suiteblanco, Sfera & Uno de 50. But first, here's an outfit post I took for this blog and for Preview! Here's my very modern and slightly preppy take on the Flamenco fashion wearing pieces from Suiteblanco! :)

Was just able to take a few shots here before the guard told me to leave. Hahaha.

Suiteblanco top & skirt, Zara bag

Forever 21 shoes

Wore this to a quick shoot! I super love this black asymmetrical skirt. Makes a simple black skirt standout and more special. I also love the embroidery details on my top! So pretty. I'm also stocking up on statement flats now. Thank God, the time has finally come when bloggers don't wear heels to anywhere, even to events, anymore. Haha. 

Read about our Suiteblanco OOTD feature on Stylebible! :) Got featured with other blogger loves. Hope you get inspiration on how to wear your Suiteblanco pieces. :)

Here are photos from the show! Starting from another spanish brand, SFERA.... 



What's your favorite look from the photos I posted?:) 

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