Sneakin' In Denim

After my blogging streak last night, got inspired to blog more tonight!!! I just bought a new "work" table (on sale at SM Hypermart haha), placed it at the corner of my room and now I'm feeling more inspired to blog! I realized I feel more burnt out when I try to do online tasks while lying down in bed. Not a good idea. Trust me. Haha. I either end up dozing off or watching a movie nalang hence accomplishing nothing. So, a table is really the best way to goooo. I'm still busy though. This is hell week for me until early next week. I've got meetings, pullouts and shoots. Haven't had a good night sleep for days now. I just recovered from a bad headache. Again. Boooo. 

Anyway, here are pretty recent outfit photos! I have never worn sneaker wedges in my life, but that didn't stop me from trying it out even just for a day. It's comfy as hell pala! SKECHERS sent me a cute pair from their new collection and here's how I styled it!

sakit chan pose haha

Vintage denim jacket, Wrangler denim top, Romwe skirt, Skechers sneaker wedges

This is the best way I could style this pair while keeping true to my personal style--vintage! Lakas maka 90s db? Denim on denim na oversized jacket pa... complete with embroidery and beads. Haha. I think the shoes would also look nice with leggings and then oversized polo or shirt. Nooooh? I'll do that combo next time. 

Anywaaay, I wanna include my food chronicles here but will just do a separate post for that nalang. For now, I'll work on my super overdue Victoria Court birthday post so I could share all the epicness & awesomeness that happened with all of you! Abangan! Hope I don't fall asleep though. Have a long day tomorrow! Doing pullouts and then will head to Rusty Lopez's office in Marikina to pre-style for their campaign shoot! Excited for their new endorser. Hunk!!! Haha. Okie, need to edit pics na. Ciao! Labyuuuu! :)

P.S. Mark your calendars! Now na!:)
See you????

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  1. Kaloka HAHAHA!!! I was actually in my bed while I was reading this, tas when you said na mas nakaka motivate mag blog pag naka table, I went to my study table na tuloy. And yes! You're right! hehe.

    Love your outfit!!! Super love the denim look! And the wedges are love love love!


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