Dulcis Vita

I'm aliiiiive! I'm still on a birthday high. This week's a week of celebration, went to 3 birthday parties! Mine included. Haha. Kamustahin naman natin ang liver ko noh? Lol. So I turned another year older. 21!!! OMG. Can't believe it. Don't basag my trip okay? Hahaha. If you read my blog, you know that I often celebrate my birthday by hibernating. This year, I wanted to hide somewhere and just go on an out of town trip with Nico, but my plan changed a week before! I'd save my epic birthday party post for later, still have to collect photos. For now, here's an outfit post taken today!!! :)

Photos by Nico Arguelles. Thanks, love!

Zara top, Plains & Prints "Audrey Hepburn" skirt, Romwe bracelet, hat & heels

Baggu canvas backpack 
(watch out for my Baggu giveaway to be posted very soon!!!)

 Onecklace.com customized "Dream" necklace

Finally got my hands on Plains & Prints' highly coveted Audrey Hepburn collection! I also wanted to get the top but no size na, so sad. Huhu. The Zara top I got on sale for just P900 I think. Love the crochet detail!!! Love my new inspirational necklace from Onecklace.com! Can't get enough of these! :) I call this outfit, the vintage boho preppy witch style. Bet? Haha.

That's it for now! I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who remembered my special day. I read all your messages and each and every one touched me talaga. Thank you. I am so lucky to still be here! Thank you so much, Lord. More years pa ha?:) I still have a pretty full bucket list. Hihi. I have always dreaded birthdays because each year takes me one step farther away from my fun childhood. But I realized, growing old might not be so bad after all, with all the wonderful people I get to spend it with. I can't bring back the past, but I can make the most out of what I have now. I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I'm super happy. :) Sabi nga ng blog title ko, "Dulcis Vita" or Sweet Life. Okay so much feels na. Stopping now. Lol. But, thank you and I love you all!!!:) Can't say it enough. :)

Gotta go! To all the heroes out there--- Happy National Heroes Day!!! Continue shining and inspiring. :) Hope you all have a great holiday! Can't wait for this hectic, madugong (literally and figuratively haha eeew) week to be over (have 2 shoots plus styling Karylle for Showtime). Then, hello September! BER month na naman! Haha. Catch up with you guys laterzzzz. xo


  1. happy birthday again! mmmmwahhh!

  2. interesting look , love the detail on the top

  3. Belated happy birthday, Madamme! May you have more blessings so you can share more with your readers. Looking forward to your birthday post :)


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