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Being a mom might just be the toughest job there is. There are no day offs, no breaks, no turning back, no quitting. It requires all of one's time, patience and understanding. It might look easy but it never is. I'm sure all you moms out there would agree! I see and feel everyday how my mom sacrifice and give all that she has for our family. I've always wondered how she does it. Now, I feel guilty and sorry 'coz I gave her a hard time when I was growing up. I was quite the rebel back then. Lol. I was also a shoppingera since I was little! According to reliable sources (haha), when I was a kid I had this habit of pointing at everything and asking my parents to buy them. I throw a wicked fit whenever they didn't. Such a bitch. Haha. But now I understand the value they were trying to instill in us. The value of independence and working hard for something you want.  Thank you for this, Mom!:)

Now we're all grown up, we've also moved out of our house. I'm always working so we seldom see each other anymore. But one thing that binds us together is our love for sale events & bargain shopping. Hihi. This Mother's Day, I shall treat my mom to pretty clothes and shoes, plus a little styling on the side because she deserves it. Best part? No need to go to the mall and spend hours store hopping! It's amazing that I can do all that in the comfort of my own home via Zalora. Here are some of the items I picked out for her!

We have the same taste in dresses and shoes! Hehe. She wanted a more "bagets" dress with peter pan collar (oha) but I insisted on the white one coz it's more elegant yet still fun!:) I think the lovely ballet flats from Memorata would match with the dresses perfectly. Will post her OOTD soon. Abangan! Haha. 

So guys, search no more. Give your moms some love through Zalora's lovely pieces. They carry many brands and they have a wide assortment of products. Plus, they have items on sale too! Happy shopping and Happy Mother's Day!!! :)

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