Boracay Diary Day 3: Helmet Diving + Spider House!

Here's Day 3 of my Boracay diary post! It's been years since Nico last visited Boracay, so even though I've tried helmet diving a few times before, gora again just for the love. Tssss. Haha. Pluuuus, I tried out something new! Finally experienced the best sunset in Boracay, thanks to Maica's tip!:) Here are photos starting with my outfit...

 Flattering Tops high-low top, Seventh Street banana print denim shirt, From bazaar shorts, Prettylittleblings necklace, Shortcuts Apparel cap, Cotton On sunglasses, Bensimon sneakers

The pieces I'm wearing are such headturners! Haha. Swear. Love the pasabog of this top from Flattering Tops and in love with this printed denim shirt too. Of course, you already know my travel companion, Mr. Bensimon. Love that it's foldable, comfy and super light. I bring it everywhere!:)

 Photos from that day...
 Our sched was 10am... so early ha! Also have my period (as in first day in Boracay talaga, nangaano ka eeeh), it was so much of a hassle. 

 But it was a beautiful day, so all the stomach cramps and kahasslean made it all worth it. :)

Selfie with Kuya. Haha. 

 gumaganon pa eh!!! nangaano eeeeh!

We were booked by the super nice, proactive and masipag Kuya Rommel!

 More activities na pinakyaw ng Koreans hihi kyots

 Boatmates. Cutie baby!


We waited for 20 minutes before our turn...
Kuyas will guide you all throughout your dive

the ear (not air haha!) pressure was a little overwhelming nagpanic ako ng very light for 2 minutes. And the helmet was heavy sa shoulders I had red marks after hehe.

 inet boy???

Went back to our hostel to rest for a while before heading out again to explore some more!:)

 BPI sa beach. Toroy!

 and Mcdo desserts! Yummeh

 afternoon walk

 We tried to get close sa cruise ship (upon Nico's request) but we only got this far bilang this is the end of the road. Haha. Disappointed sha eh. Ako lalo! Parang we walked from Cubao to Galleria lang naman! No biggie. Haha.

 Beautiful. Sulit na din.

We then walked to the nearest alley or eskinita where we rode a tricycle going to Spider House at very malayong Station 1! Paid P100 for our fare. We got there at around 5:30pm just in time for sunset! Buzzer beater forever.

 Walk past Nami resort to get to...

 ...the amazinggg Spider House!!!

water in the cave. so serene.

We got lost pa and went to the resort above Spider House. They have an entrance fee of P300, so we went down again and found the bat cave! Este, spider cave! Haha. My new favorite place in Boracay. I would go back anytime to be able to experience the magic that is Spider House again. :) 

So chill!!! 

Eat, drink, swim, dive. My kind of resto/bar.

 Cold beer + snacks to complete the experience. Beer was P60 each and fries was P120 or P180, I forgot hehe.

 Best seats in the house! Occupied the farthest one on the right:)

 Seatmates hehe

After spider House, we went back to Station 1 to have dinner at TIBRAZ where they served crepes at half the original price!

 Ordered pesto and diavoli. Serving was huge!:)

 food coma haha

Went back to MNL hostel to just chill at the rooftop!:) We were asked to join the group but we were shy. Haha.

 kaya selfie selfie nalang hehe

Was supposed to sleep na but we got hungry, so we went out again for midnight snack!

Oh, how I missed you chori or chorizo burger!!!:) P40 lang solb na!

 That ends my jampacked Day 3 in Boracay post! Day 4 next. More kwento, I promise!!!:)

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  1. Hi Aisa! where's your Boracay diary day 3? Is Nico your new BF? thanks

    1. Hi!! Got confused with the days! This is Day 3:) And yup!:)

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  3. hi aisa, may i know the brand of your white sunnies, that selfie pic of yours with kuya? gusto ko rin nyan. hahaha!


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