Karylle + Yael Wedding

In the 2 years I have known and worked with Karylle, I have witnessed how much she loves Yael and vise versa. If you'll just see them together, you'd know why they are indeed perfect for each other.  Both of them loves music, super smart and witty, weird (as they both said during the wedding) and genuine. I'm so lucky to have been part of the most beautiful and most important part of their lives. I am just so happy for the both of them. They are both beautiful inside and out and they deserve all the happiness in the world. :) Here are photos from their afterparty (at Angelfields, Tagaytay) as well as photos taken by their official photographer, Pat Dy. Plus, their wedding video which is also Spongecola's music video titled Singapore Sling. So much feels, so much kilig. Try not to cry! Or die of envy. Hihi.

 I came to the party with the Polyeast Records team. Love them! 

Amazing garden setup:)

 Packed dance floor!:)

 With the most beautiful and blushing bride:) Congrats K!!!

 with my accidental date, Niche! 

Thank you Koo Gotauco for my pretty dress, BLO for my hair and Bodyshop for my makeup!:)

 Spent the night drinking and chatting with Niche and Gosh!

 with everyone's momsie Ms. ZsaZsa Padilla who was radiant in a Rajo Laurel gown.:)

 Happiest man on the planet that night, congrats Yael!:)

 Super epic and nostalgic when "Kapag Tumibok ang Puso" played and THE Donna Cruz stood up and danced to the song! Highlight!!!:)

 Hello guys! Thanks for adopting me! Such a fun bunch!:)

 Finally met Kyla! Love her.

 Hello Champ!

Our fun table hihi

Went home buzzed and super happy! It was one helluva party. So much love:) Here are the official photos and the music video!:)

Yael & Karylle from Threelogy Video on Vimeo.

Yael + Karylle 03 + 21 + 2014 from patdy on Vimeo.

Ending this post with fashion! 
The Spanish inspired wedding gown was Furne One's masterpiece!:) 

amazing details!

Yael's suit was by Rajo Laurel. 

How cute is his Mickey Mouse buttoinare!:)

Love the vibrant Bridemaid dresses by Charina Sarte!:)

In love with this Givenchy lace oxfords which she used at the reception!!! Wedding shoes from Jimmy Choo:)

Ms. ZsaZsa's gown by the talented Rajo Laurel

Reception dress by Francis Libiran

Post wedding dress by Pepsi Herrera:)

Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Yuzon! Enjoy Europe! Love you both!:)

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  1. love all the dresses she wore!!! the Givenchy lace oxfords are amazing!! Congrats to them!

    czarina :)


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