Best Chill Out Place: DETALLE!

The Clingies have found a new tambayan!!! Best part? We northerners don't even have to travel all the way to Makati na. Wooots. Presenting, the newest and hippest place to dine, drink and chill in.... DETALLE!

OOTD muna during my pullouts at SHANA, Rob Magnolia...
 Pinkaholic romper, Romwe cardigan, Girl Shoppe belt, Converse sneakers

Didn't have a hard time looking for the place, it's located at the corner of Julia Vargas and Meralco Avenue, below Anne Curtis' Century Tuna billboard. That's the landmark talaga. Haha!

 Personalized table setting! Love it.

They live up to their promise!:)

Food menu;)

 Drinks menu:)

 Say hello to the gracious owners! Thanks Denise for inviting us!

The food's so good I don't want to keep you waiting... let's eat!!!
Las Sardinas -  toasted bread with sardines & fried quail eggs on top of sweet marmalade. Not all people might love this but I did!:) 

Fresh Lemonade - super refreshing! 

 Housemade Ricotta - a crowd fave! Toasted bread with orange marmalade topped with homemade ricotta & crispy prosciutto. Sweet, salty and nice! I could finish a tray of this hihi.

Crispy Pig's Ears - I finished 3 of these before I found out they were pig ears. Super tasty and yummy! This is just perfect with beer! Hehe. Crunchy on the outside, soft & chewy on the inside. Perfection.

 Arancini - another crowd favorite! Risotto balls filled with mozzarella cheese with aioli or garlic mayonnaise dressing.

 Lamb Meatball Sliders - soooo goood! Ito palang pang main course na! Lamb burger with apricot jam and arugula salad. The garbanzos as side dish was perfect coz it resets the taste buds. 

 Basque Fried Chicken - one of my favorites that night. Fried chicken with a fusion of sweet, tangy and sour pepperade sauce. The white sauce is mint yogurt. Buffalo wings-ish na 3x better.

 Squash soup - a big bowl of delicious pumpkin soup. The texture is just right, not too thick and not too watery. It has chesnuts and choriz chips mixed in it and toasted bread as bonus!

Haricot Verts - crispy speck, arugula, asparagus, parmesan, apricot dressing. Lovely.
Appetizers palang I was so full na!!! Let's proceed to the main course...
 Margherita pizza - tomato, mozzarella, basil. Tasty!

 Braised Pork Sandwich - sourdough bread, fried egg, apple jam, dljon mustard. Para shang adobo or asado sandwich. Sarap! Fries as side dish. Nomnom.

 D Burger - 300g patty (niiice), blue cheese, arugula, bacon jam, aioli / garlic mayonnaise sauce. THE burger talaga! Meat's super tender sarap.

 House Steak - potato gratin or mashed potato and spinach as side dishes, in a onion brulee + worcester cream sauce. Crowd favorite na naman! The meat's super tender.

Grilled Salmon - another favorite! Okay lahat na. Haha. But seriously, one of the best grilled salmons I've tasted.  Served with asparagus risotto, rasted veggies and caper cream sauce.

Truffle Penne - I just tasted 2 pcs of pasta coz I was so full na! But at least I was able to taste this wonderful dish. Made of fried speck, roasted mushrooms, arugula, parmesan. Tasted light and not too creamy.

 Happy tummies, happy clingies!:)

our table after the massacre haha

After food, drinks naman! Which we didn't avail na coz we ended up eating for 2 hours. More more chika! Haha. But we took photos of their nice bar area and their alfresco area on the 2nd floor. I can't wait to go back and chill here with friends.

 Blogger duties haha! Love the industrial feel of the place. 

 I didn't get at first what Kuya was doing...

 ..so I had to take a closer look...

Eto pala yun! Bida ang skull vodka! Instagram that shiiiit. So cool.

 So chill their 2nd floor! 

 my view when I looked up... the bidang billboard! Haha.

Mga napagod kumain. Hahaha! I wanna marry this couch. And the guy taking a photo. Weeeeh! Waley!

Detalle really lived up to their name. They really put so much effort in making this place the best chill out place in town. Their food is the perfect balance of everything, incorporating all flavors (sweet, salty, spicy, sour) in every meal. I can't wait to go back with my friends again!:) See you there!:)


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