Our Secret Getaway Place: Berna Beach!

Iiiiii'm back!!! I finally have a stable internet connection at home. Woots! Got Globe's 3mbps broadband plan and so far so good. I hope it stays this way forever. Steady ka lang Globe ayoko na mastress. Haha. Anywaaay, I'm feeling excited to blog again, so I'm posting the rest of my backlogs until there is no more. Starting my cleanup with this long overdue post. I, together with the Berna crew, wanted to keep this amazing place, our home away from home a secret. But, bilang love ko kayo lahat we decided to let the cat out of the bag. Sharing our secret getaway place now na. Hep, hep!!! Outfit post muna. Quickie lang:)

Photos by Nico

Thrifted top & shorts, Axis watch, Envy leather bracelet, Forever 21 sunnies, Bensimon sneakers

Very simple lang db? Haha. I miss wearing floral so I took out this thrifted top (that has been sitting in my closet for 2 years) for a spin! And sorry naman sa very dirty Bensimon sneakers. Proof that I use it ALL the time. Such a winner!:)

And now... say hello to our little paradise, BERNABEACH Resort!

It's just a 2-3 hour drive from Manila via Tagaytay or Cavite. We discovered this place by accident during a random Tagaytay trip August of last year. Our original plan was to stay and tambay in Tagaytay then drive to Laiya the next day. Unfortunately, all hotels and hostels in Tagaytay were fully booked. We were so close to giving up when Nico suggested we drive to Nasugbu and check out this resort he went to a year ago. Having no place to spend the night in, gumora na kami coz we had no choice na din. It turned out better than we expected! Plus, kami lang ata tao that day so solo namin the place. Woots. I love how they have a HUGE pool and a nice beach. That time we were on a tight budget so we opted to stay in their cottage. It costs P1,500 for 24 hours. Not baaaad! Entrance fee is P100 (it's now P200) per person. No entrance na if you avail their aircon rooms. 6 people could fit in the cottage! Wag lang maarte. If maarte, 4 lang. Lels.

Here are photos of all our Bernabeach getaways starting with the most recent one, my sister's birthday!;)

 our resident chef, Igi Boy! We brought an electric stove so we could cook meals and pulutan hehe.

anlayo ng narating ng P1000! Haha.

 Birthday girl with her hubby Miles!

my very chill and cool cousin, Patrick!

happy lunching! Hehe

Maicee & Pat

Good Morning from Catch and Me!

 My favorite cousin, RJ Biggie, who just loves mocking me by imitating my blogger pose daw. Pfft. 


 Ube halaya abuse

 cge lang girl

my pretty sister! 

 photobomber #1

 photobomber #2! Push niyo lang yan haha

 my 2 favorite people in the world. naks.

It was my sister's first time in Berna and they brought Miles' brothers, so we chose to stay in their Dorm Room. They didn't have cottages available na din. It was priced at P4,000 per night with 2 double deck beds, aircon and ensuite bathroom with hot & cold shower. Nice! The rest of the gang stayed in the nipa huts at P1,500 per night. 



Pool (they also have a kiddie pool)

gate going to the beach

there are vendors selling native sweets and delicacies

It may not be white sand but it's super fine (literally and figuratively). The water's perfect and nice too!

Here are the different accommodations they offer...
reception area (super nice also their receptionists)

room rates!

cute painting 

 Small Nipa with a veranda, fan and double bed

 Haha huli ka Kikoy boy!

They have 3 big cottages and 2 small ones. Big cottages have double deck beds, fan and veranda. Common bathroom is okay. Pwede na. ;)

Open cottages are for rent too. Perfect for day trips.

Dorm rooms and other rooms are located at the ground floor

Dorm room is P4k per night (entrance fee waived and they provide clean towels)


Second floor

Twin Room - P2,500 

 Family Room (big) - P7,000

 2 bathrooms, dining table and ref

 Couple Room - P3500

 selfie muna! hehe

And here's the biggest room, Ocean View! Good for 12 people. Perfect for parties!:)

 view from the side window... hi friends!

We arrived 8pm of February 1 and checked out 12pm the next day. If you're staying in the cottage, you can checkout the same time you came in. :)

Left Bernabeach early to be able to go to Tagaytay and Nuvali bilang request ni sisterette. The rest of the gang went straight home coz they wanted to avoid the traffic.

 Meryenda at Bag of Beans!

 Shepherd's Pie for P125. Yum. 

Cinammon bread with cream cheese dip for P110

Hot chocolate and frozen chocolate. Forgot the prices but I think they're P110-P125 a mug/glass 

 with the Birthday girl

Last stop was Nuvali where we ate dinner and visited different outlet stores. Was able to buy a black bandeau swimsuit from Aldo for P400! Quite a steal! Also bought shirts and lingerie from Bench. Will post photo soon:)

Bernabeach photos from our past outings...
 7-11 Nasugbu hits!

  Sinangag Express Tagaytay

Nowee and our baby girl Kyra na mahilig maglakwatcha hehe

anong meron? haha

 Berna Crew - Catch, Nowee, Kyra, EJ, Chuck, Gabe, Patrick & Kim (not in photo!)

may emo 

 pwede na ba? hahaha

That's it pancit! Nice noh?! It's the perfect place to chill lang with friends and family. It's not hard to locate, you could even use Waze or Google Maps for navigation. I'm thinking of celebrating my birthday here. What do you think? Ocean view room noh? Haha. Tara?:)

Bernabeach Resort, Brgy. Bucana 
Apacible Blvd., Nasugbu, Batangas 

Landline: +63-43-416-0345 
Mobile: +63-923-442-6802 


  1. I'll recommend this to my family for sure! Thanks for sharing this Ms Ais :)

  2. On your next visit you must try the nearby Kainan sa Dalampasigan. Or try Celing's Halo-halo. :)

    1. Uy cge, will try that!!!:) Thanks for the reco!:)

  3. Hi we booked there for holy week. So nice & fine ba yun sand at di ba mabato? Ok lng ba to swim barefooted? Thanks

  4. Hi ais! Thanks for the photos! We really need that hahah! We're booked this coming holy week, clean ba yung toilet and bathroom ng couple room? Dun kasi kami naka book.. dun din kasi ko after hahaha.. and not so crowded naman sa mismong resort? Thanks..

  5. Hi ais! Thanks for the photos! We really need that hahah! We're booked this coming holy week, clean ba yung toilet and bathroom ng couple room? Dun kasi kami naka book.. dun din kasi ko after hahaha.. and not so crowded naman sa mismong resort? Thanks..

  6. Hi Aisa! Is the toiler and bathroom ba is super clean? We're booked kasi sa Couple Room athis holy week.. and the pool ba is big talaga? :) thanks!

    1. The pool is huge! They also have a kiddie pool:)

  7. Oh and the sand is super black ba talaga as in black sand? :)

  8. Hi! can we bring in food?

  9. hi! can we bring in food? we are a large group maybe 20 pax

    1. @Chona - Yes! We brought food inside and cooked there too!:)

  10. May corkage po ba kayong binayaran nung ngdala po kayo ng food?

    1. No corkage!:) Yoou can even bring a portable cookset:)

  11. How to Book po?

    1. You could call them and reserve via phone or just walk in:)


  12. hi do u know any other way to contact them? I've been trying to call their sun number but they are not answering, I e-mailed them already but they are still not replying back. hope you can help. thanks

    1. Hi there! Just keep on trying someone will answer eventually. I also always have a hard time calling them haha! But try this other number: +63 (918) 334-6244. Keep on calling lang:)

  13. You can contact Bernabeach thru 09228936161 and 09156161751. :)

  14. May corkage fee sila sa food ba 100php per head and 100php per griller na gagamitin.. :(

  15. May corkage fee na 100php per head sa food.. Then may bayad na 100php sa griller :(

  16. PARANG LOKOHAN YUNG MGA ROOMS!!!!!!. What was the difference between twin room and couple room? They're both good for 4persons! Twin queen size beds good for two??? and the other one, same lang but good for 3 bitin??? Edi kung 4 kame magtwin room na lang kami at magdagdag ng 500 sa dalawa in total of 3500 good for 4 na kesa couple same as twin room lang pero 3500 good for 3 lang. pfft.

  17. Hello. Thanks for sharing. =) Ask ko lang sana if pwede magdala ng food na pwedeng lutuin like bbq? May grill station naman sila kahit na mag check in? or pwede lang siya for day tour? thanks.

  18. nice blog..

  19. Can we go there via commute? Please reply. Btw Nice Blog. Thanks a lot. :D

  20. Hello. Nice Blog. Tanong lang sana? can we go there via commute? do you have any idea? Thank you.

  21. Can we go there via commute? Please reply. Btw Nice Blog. Thanks a lot. :D

    1. sorry super late reply!!! Were you able to go? Don't know how to go there via commute din:(

  22. Hi, clear po ba yung tubig sa beach?

  23. hi po ask ko lng kung ilan yung brgy room nila may outing kc yung brgy nmin kaya ba nila ma accomodate more or less 2 bus??

  24. Hi..ask ko kang if the gate to the beach is open 24 hrs??is there any corkage for drinks?thank

    1. They close the gates but there's a guard naman so just honk your horn hehe:) For the food no corkage before, not sure lang now:)

    2. ooh there's corkage na daw P100!:)

  25. Hi..ask ko kang if the gate to the beach is open 24 hrs??is there any corkage for drinks?thank

  26. Hi..ask ko lang if the gate to the beach is open 24 hrs??and is there any corkage fee for drinks??thanks..

  27. As ko lang po if pwede sa room ung dog?

  28. pwede kahit mukhang dog

  29. hi good day ask ko lang how much and day tour at table lang for 2. thankyou :)


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