Good Photographs Are Always Worth a Smile

Life is a collection of photographs. For every single person, this collection is individual and it has different sizes. At one point, we all scroll through our photos and it takes us back to certain places, bring backs certain emotions, makes us reminisce and smile. There are thousands or maybe more New York Photographers who make tons of amazing pictures especially of the city view. There are millions of people who travel and takes pictures of places, museums and many other things. 

Photography is an art we all enjoy. Pretty girls love to pose, passionate photographers love to take pictures. The process is different every time and it is more than just fixing the camera and pushing a button. Creating a photograph is not simple as it seems. Aside from the lentils, lights and angles, it is more about the emotions you get to capture, which are not static or easy to catch. It's about that photo of a certain place, that when you look at it, it's as if you were there. Photography transforms life in digital symbols, which can be reviewed over and over again, any time. 

Photography is witnessing life. It might be a friend's wedding, your daughter's birthday party, a celebrity you bumped into, a senate meeting over national issues or a president meeting other world leaders. That is how it all works. Photography is an art, we all enjoy, it is a process of creating beautiful images of what we love and what we care about and what we do. 

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