Singapore 2013 Day 3: Universal Studios!

One million years in the making. Haha! I'm currently at Mich's pad nakikiwifi. Actually, we just came from my Tita Connie's birthday lunch. Now I'm here crashing while she's packing for her Vigan trip. Hihi. Anyway, I just realized I wasn't able to finish my Singapore with the family post! Tsk, tsk. So here na! While sinisipag pako ubusin my backlogs. So here's Day 3 of our Singapore trip last August!:)

with my Ate! oo na d kami magkamukha haha

crazy family! ako lng maayos fez. sorry guys! hahaha

train to Vivo City!

 lunch at our favorite, Food Republic!

 omg i already miss SG food! Meals are from 5-10hkd. Around P250-500.

We bought train tickets (Sentosa Express) going to Universal Studios for $4 each.

 Sentosa Express! My bro's first time kaya ayan emo emohan sha.

We got off at Waterfront Station!
excited kids

 photobomb si kid oh.

ayaaaan. thanks Mich for the photo!

We booked  our tickets the day before c/o Beary Best Hostel so we didn't line up na. Yey! Tickets were discounted too. Double win.

hello Universal!

Lakas maka States or Paris!

the first attraction na inavail namin! Lights, Camera, Action!

  Hello dad. Este Mr. Spielberg.

Special EffectsSetting: Hurricane in New York! Astig!

After the storm.

with our homeboooys! Streetboys!!! Haha.

Lakas maka tourista vibe

The Donya and the mas Donya. Haha.

The best attraction award goes to... Transformers!!!:)

may excited

the line was super long! we waited for more than an hour. But naaliw naman kami ng mala headquarters na setup inside.

It's a mini rollercoaster 4D ride! Even my Mom and Miles (who don't usually like rides) loved it. May story din na we're new recruits kuno and it's our first battle with matching congratulations pa from Optimus Prime. I wanted to cry after coz I made him proud daw. Awww. Haha. 

Si Tito Neng laging d ready sa photos! And si miles laging abnoy! Pfft. Haha.

Lucky for me, the rollercoasters were under maintenance that day!!! Haha. Second time my brother wasn't able to ride these vomit inducing rollercoaster sa theme parks abroad. First time was in Ocean Park, Hongkong a few years ago. What is malas?

Let's do the Egyptian dance!!! The Mummy area.

If you see Pharaoh Pharaohan guys on stilts, RUUUUN. They're kinda scary..and mean! Well, some. Haha. Pffft. 

 This kuya is okay. He's good. hehe. And yes that's me punas kili-kili at the back. Lololol.

super random! branding kahit sa universal ha!

and then it's Waterworld time!!!

We came a few minutes before the actual show started. Sayang they weren't able to witness the hardcore spontaneous basaan pre-show portion! Fun pa naman yun hehe.

nice set and they have a new set of actors!

In fairness it was super physical ha, the whole thing. So kudos to the actors na sure akong need mag gym or exercise everyday. Gusto ko magapply agad agad after as artista eh.  Pero cge, keri nio na yan.

Hello from the Kingdom of Far ,Far Away!  

into the castle for the Shrek 3D show!

We didn't wait long naman. It's a short 3D show lng in a movie theater with matching galaw galaw ng seats and mini basaan. For the kids!

Next stop: Jurassic Park!

J.CO levels ang haba ng line

after 48 years, kami naman!!!

 It's a pretty fun ride  na may surprise sa end! So prepare to get wet. Hihi. Raincoats are available for $3. I know where to position myself na  so I didn't avail na this raincoat. Nyaha. Pwede din naman mag Rio Grande nalang kayo sa EK. Haha.

Drying Pods! Super cool! But may bayad haha. No thanks, bilad bilad nalang pag may time!

  My Mom, who's the only one wearing a raincoat was the wettest of them all. My first reaction when I saw her after the ride: ANGYARE SAYO??? Hahaha. Super laughtrip!

 walk of shame. para kaming galing boracay. hahaha.

 love my sis!

 my sister and I ran after Prince Charming and Fairy Godmother but they were in a hurry:((

 so photo-op muna sa house ni Shrek. Anggawa mo jan Joot kuha ka pa din naman ng camera?

 so happy when we saw Shrek and Fiona! yey!

 and chickboy Pinocchio!

 bet na bet din ng boys the castle

 the Miles pose!

 Marilyn Monroe!!! Close tayo?? Bat ako tawang-tawa? Haha.

 loving the vintage cars on display! Ano meron sa pose namin? Serious? Haha.

 Love the ambiance and the interiors!

 sarap magdress up dito! mga 50s outfits. hihi.

 free show outside the diner! super cute these girls!:)

 Diday the explorer meme. Hahaha. Love ya mothergoose.

 last stop was at the chocolate shop! Bet mo ganitong syrup? Free diabetes.

That ends Day 3! Meron pa!!! Last SIngapore post coming up soon. I wish!! Haha.

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