How to Look Smart and Sexy for Your Everyday Business Meeting

Dressing for work can be a potential minefield. Unless you always opt to wear a dark color suit, you are at risk of showing up in inappropriate attire. However, wearing the same kind of suit every day can get tedious and you will eventually begin to feel unsatisfied with how you look. The way to prevent this is to change things up every now and then while still looking professional. Here are a few ways to dress smart when you are out on business!

1. Substitute the coat with a blazer or sports jacket

You do not always have to wear your coat with the rest of the suit. If you want, you can try switching things up by replacing it with a blazer or a sports jacket. These give you more variety while still looking good and professional. In terms of color, something dark is traditional, but also lighter tones of brown and blue are acceptable.

2. Wear khakis

Khakis are classified as being business casual so, if you think that this is appropriate for whatever meetings you have, then feel free to choose them instead of a suit. The best part is that they are a viable choice for men and women. However, they do get wrinkled easily, so be sure that they are pressed before wearing them.

3. Wear polo shirts

If you are going with the blazer or sports jacket option, then you can match them with a sexy polo shirt. Usually, you should avoid using colors that are too bold, but you can wear shirts with stripes or dots that represent a nice color combination.


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