Singapore 2013: 50s Grunge + Walking Tour

So when I planned our Singapore trip, I promised my family I'd do my best to cut down our expenses. Success naman! Hehe. I booked via PAL Express (promo) and also booked an 8-bed dorm room at Beary Best Hostel. I was reluctant at first because an unpleasant accommodation could easily ruin our whole trip. Plus, maselan my Mom. So when they actually liked it I felt so relieved. Haha. My mom said I could actually be a successful travel agent. Pweeede! So add that to my long list of careers to try. Palalaain pa natin midlife crisis ko. Spent our 1st day in Singapore without any concrete plans. We just wanted to walk around and take photos of and by their famous landmarks. Mejo fail coz it was scorching hot (goodbye glutha!) and it easily drained our energy. Here are photos from that day plus my outfit! 

Romwe dress & bag, Wrangler denim jacket, Police watch, Stylized Manila leather bracelet, Payless sneakers

It was extraordinarily hot in Singapore so this cutout dress from Romwe kinda saved my life. Brought this lightweight denim jacket from Wrangler to keep me warm naman indoors. Here are photos!

good morning SG!
hello Pagoda St!

one thing I love about Singapore--food!
$4 breakfast! missed this!

so cute our hostel noh?

 with sister, brother, bro in law, tito, mommy, mich

shopping for perfumes at Pagoda

angyare?  haha

all durian ice cream na kahit ibang flavor lasang durian pa rin. haha

trying to cool  down with SG's $1 ice cream

Buddhist temple!

fasyon ba? haha. bawal short skirt eh.

prayer wheel

Mom went home after our quick lunch coz she was not feeling well and she wanted to rest for Universal Studios the next day. So the rest of us decided to check out the big city and  some of Singapore's famous tourist spots!

forever love SG's systematic train system!

camwhoring like there's no tomorrow

love my sis! she's adopted. joooke!

barkada? hahaha

2nd stop: ESPLANADE!
love these!

we're at esplanade! kahit majinet pose pa din! bye glutha!

always goofing around with my bro

panoramic view

From Esplanade theater, we walked towards Merlion Park!

 d ko magets pose ni bro. I dont get it.

tourista mode. haha

emo si tito!

we love our Wrangler jacket and shirt!

behind the scenes haha

emote pa

had to find shade and  rest for a bit or we'll all die of heatstroke. haha

candid shot of me and my siblings laughing over something...

 lookie! it's our mommy! nyahaha

shorts shorts #maniaclang haha

finally, a photo! sabay takbo sa shade.

Our trip wouldn't be complete without some photobombing, intentional or not. Lels.

And my brother's weird obsession of hiding behind bushes...

Walked around some more before heading to Suntec Mall to shop! Hihi.

Like a skyscrapeeeer!(at Raffles)

it has always been a challenge buying tickets! haha but super fun.

they now use cardboard tickets which you can use 6x. No refunds na this time. 

Can't wait to show you my SG loots. Will save that for another post. Headed home after Suntec coz we wanted to rest for our big Universal Studios day.  Pagoda street would always be my favorite place in SG. It's just bursting with life. I love it.

Posting Day 2, Universal Studios, next!:) Thanks for reading:))

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P.S. If you need booking tips just leave me a message. Love you!


  1. I miss SG! Sabi nila once ok na kasi city lang naman sha, but no... Super LOVET! :) I think kelangan ko bumalik kahit next year! :)

  2. Soon to be a Travel Agent? Hahaha! Looks like you're having so much fun at SG! :))


  3. What camera did you use here Aisa? :) Great photos <3


    1. Olympus PL-1!:) Thanks Gillian! miss you!

  4. HK booking tips and itinerary please :)

  5. the photos are great!!! your first day outfit in SG is really chic!! i really adore that white cutout dress! perfect with your denim jacket :)))

    czarina :)


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