Wrangler Worn Across Subic: Ocean Adventure

Spent our last day in Subic bonding with dolphins at Ocean Adventure! Well, they bonded with dolphins, I just watched from afar like a loser. Haha. Suddenly got my period and decided to just pass nalang coz it would be too much of a hassle. It also rained like hell so our day was cut short. It was still fun though! Nasa company yan eh naks. And the dolphin show was tear jerking. Babaw ba? Haha. Photos!

Stars of the trip! hehe.

Story of Ocean Adventure's dolphin Sam:) 

 El Capitan Theater for the dolphin show!

 they're so cute! and smart. and cute!

 trainers and dolphins
the very articulate narrator! in fairness!

next time talaga!

Dolphin Lagoon where you could swim with dolphins for P4,200!

watching from afar. boo. haha

public beach

Worn Across winner Wilwinna and her new dolphin friend! naiyak ako sa inggit. seryoso.

Worn Across winners Wina, Kat, Joy and Krystal with Lois! and the cute dolphin. I cry again.

While they were having the time of their lives with the cute and adorable dolphins (kill me now), I wandered around and decided to eat nalang haha. Had fun pa din. Shares stories and laughs with the whole gang. Super laughtrip. Watched the African Balancing Act show after!

...and then it rained so they had to cancel the show. We were also stuck in the tent hihi. Before heading home, photo op muna with the winners and the bidang Wrangler jeep na pangarap kong jackpot. Haha.

 mas cool si nicky pffft

katee, ganda mo girl!

 and lois na super cool din.

 one more time nicky

with wind effect pa! hahaha

 paparazzi daw. nakakatawa! hahaha

class picture by 2's haha. parusa sa inet!

bloggers and winners! jumpshot na si lois lang naiiba. haha

Passed by Duty Free before heading home. Panic buying ako sa chocolates and Rice Krispies. Haha.

And that ends our epic Subic adventure with Wrangler! I wonder where the next one would be. Hope I could still go haha. But seriously, abangan nio yan guys!:) Thanks Wrangler for that weekend I would never forget. :)

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  1. bonggang Subic trip!! it looks so fun seeing the dolphins dance :)

    czarina :)

  2. paxie! great post. hope you are doing okay now.. praying for you...


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