Fringe Benefits

Was supposed to post this last week but as some of you know, I experienced and is still experiencing a major online world burnout. So now when I open my laptop I just mostly do online streaming and avoid getting immersed into other people's world. I guess I'm starting to hate the feeling of disconnection from too much connection. Gets? Basta! My semi hibernation resulted to more time with cousins and childhood friends (yey) and  a resurrected love affair with alcohol. I do it in moderation though, my 19 year old self would be proud. So anyway, something major happened this week! Not talking about work or blogging. Lost my Lola yesterday. Funny (and then it started to get freaky) how people confused my fb status and thought it was my mom who died. Super awkwaaaard. Anyway, thanks for all those who sent their love. You know who you are and I love you:) Our family is more happy than sad knowing Mama Babes (my lola) is free from physical pain and is now living the rest of her life in heaven. Will write a proper tribute soon but for now a late post nalang muna. :) 

Thriftaholic fringe top, Be Bitko shorts, The Ramp necklace, +-x% bracelet, Fancy Feet wedges

Wore this to a quick movie date.  Watched The Bling Ring and, um, let's just say I expected more. Loved Sofia Coppola's other movies though. Haha bawi bawi pag may time. That's all for now! Will post more soon. Miss you all!:)


  1. Oh I love this look and also the shoes!

  2. LOVE the fringe top! interesting details!! Chic outfit Ms.Ais!

    czarina :)

  3. what brand & shade of lippie please? nice. :) thanks in advance. -greenhairclip


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