Late Post: Double Celebration Sunday Funday!

Another overdue post. Ako na talaga best in late nowadays. Well, sorry naman got busy with Bloggers United. Hihi. But eto na! Working on my backlogs one at a time. Or 3 at a time. Malapit na maubos yeees. Anyway, this post happened last May 19. It was a pretty jampacked day for me coz it was my Mom's birthday, Athan's (Ava's little boy) birthday and I had ASAP. But I was able to go to all 3 happenings! Haha. Gusto ko magpalechon sa sarili ko. Lol. Here are photos from that day starting with my outfit.

 South Sartorial dress, Eric Manansala earrings, Envy bracelet, Police watch, Cotton On sandals

I was in a hurry that I wasn't able to put a belt na hehe. Love this dress, lakas maka donya! Sorry for the bra strap! I can't wear strapless bra coz it always makes me uncomfortable. The checking and tugging etc. Anyway, bilang clumsy ako at the end of the day puro runs na the dress. Pfft.  The sandals I bought from Cotton On Singapore for just P300! Mura noh? That's all! Moving on...

Before ASAP, dropped by Athan's birthday celebration at Racks, El Pueblo...

the birthday boy, looking cute in his Toy Story costume, with Tito Niche. Hehe.
 with Tita Arnie

 Tita Ana naman

 Hello Baby Asher. So cuuute!

malaki problema ni arnie haha

 Niche, Mich and me

 Keigh, Ana, Arnie


 Happy family! Gersh, Ava, Athan, Asher:)

 akin naman si Asher!

our little cow hihi
 name tag hehe

 more more laro


love team yihee

cupcake time!

the titas, oo kasama ka mich hehe

saw my highschool friends na nasa kabilang room naman. Beside me is Jaq, my classmate and friend. Tambay ako sa house nila nung HS. Beside her is Jen, her sister, na niligawan ko nung highschool. Wahahah!

Ran to ASAP afterwards to check on my assistant Carvey and Czarina and also Ms. ZsaZsa and Zia. Okay naman sila when I got there. Haha. Here are photos from ABS!

Gown by Eric delos Santos

Dress & Gown from SM Fashion Forum

Dress from SM Fashion Forum

Dress from SM Fashion Forum, Earrings Eric Manansala

After ASAP, ran to Megamall to pick up the family and went to Rob Magnolia for my Mom's birthday dinner.... It's their first time to try YABU! Except for my sis of course she's matakaw. Hahaha. We had to wait for nearly an hour before we were seated. Super box office!

 jumbo shrimp katsu for the birthday girl

 My daddeeeeh and his rosu katsu

 subo subo pag may time. hahaha

 my bro and his mixed seafood katsu. Na naubos nia in fairness.

 dami food

 pose muna haha. actually d ko na kasi maubos food ko haha

 We surprised my mom with a birthday cake! but very mahina lng our singing coz shy type kami lahat haha

 happy birthday mudrakels!

 naks couple pic haha

 ano na puro picture nalang

 mga inaantok na sa busog. 

 family picture na naman hehe

Our next stop was Magnolia House for dessert! Super nostalgic. My grandpa used to take us to the old Magnolia House when we were kids. Yung open lang sha tas beach umbrellas lang sa labas. It's along Aurora Blvd. pa ata yun. Hay.

Super sulit the P70 ice cream parang bottomless lang sha. Haha.

That's how I mostly spend my Sundays, working and with family. Saya lang. Clingy na kami lahat ngaun nung tumanda. Maybe because now we realized we're all not gonna live forever. Morbid but true! Haha. So that's all. Posting my YABU giveaway next!:)


  1. Hello! I really love your blog :)) kakaiba.unique and you never fail to put a smile on my face everytime I read your blog :D yun lang ^_^

  2. super jam-packed Sunday!! Asher is so cuutee!!! that maxi dress is adorable!!! LOVE the ensemble Ms.Ais!

    czarina :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your post.
    I agree with you.
    Ang lakas makadonya ng suot mo.
    Mabuti ka pa at matangkad ka.
    Bagay na bagay sayo ang suot mo.haha :))

    More power to your funny and fashionable blog! :0

    -xoxo, FRANCES


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