Celebrating Life at 89.

Pumarty girl Japan my Lola last Saturday. We celebrated 89 years of her fabulous life. So bongga how they invited quite a number of people (bilang 10 pcs lang ata tao sa La Carlota, joke lng) and they partied from lunch time til night! Toroooy. Bagets lang. Played the ulirang apo role by staying for hours, then gave up and sneaked out to catch up on my reading (and Wanderland playlist) at home. Also bonded with my pretty cousin Tin, who was my photographer that day hehe.

Suiteblanco top, shorts & bag, Forever 21 necklace, Police watch, Ichigo wedges

Meet my cute photographer!
hello Betinna!

We were supposed to celebrate my grandmother's birthday at the farm house but it rained like there's no tomorrow. Haha. So we ended up bonding nalang over bottomless food (hihi) at the big house.

homemade lemon cake!

prayer before meal


birthday girl

the bagets table

lasing? joke! sleeping the birthday girl. haha

cute cousins Tin and Kate

our table hihi


christmas village:)

Can anyone translate? Haha. Saw this up on our wall. This looks interesting!

barkada hehe

mama sally with tita lydia ferrer

tita cong (my mom's younger sis) and tito ben!

dalagitas hehe

manang sandra and jon

Aguirre family picture!:)

late night pool session! too bad i was sick wasn't able to join:(

That's all for now. Gotta sleep. 7am shoot later! Happy Birthday again to my lovely Mama Sally. You're my hero. I love you:)


  1. ganda ng place!:) Happy birthday to your lola!!:)

  2. Natawa ako sa barkada hehehehe ;)

  3. i love this summer outfit!! the denim skirt and those espadrilles are so nice with the white top!! chic!!

    the Christmas Village is so cute!!

    czarina :)

  4. your lola doesn't look 89 at all! what is her secreeeeeeeeet??

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