And Just Like That, I'm a Child Again.

It's been years since I last visited my Mom's original hometown, La Carlota City Negros Occidental, an hour away from Bacolod. Last time I was here was 2010 when we had to attend my uncle's funeral. My Mom surprised me one day when she texted me that she booked me a flight to Bacolod for my Lola's birthday. So even if I have work gora na din coz I miss my Lola very much, plus I don't know when I'd see her again bilang 90 yrs. old na sha. So here I am, sitting infront of my laptop in my grandma's room while they're all sound asleep. Maaga lights out dito as in 9pm. I'm also doing last minute emails and text messages, pullouts for ASAP on Sunday. Sad I won't be there again (I always feel guilty when I'm not physically there) but Mich is gonna cover for me naman so I know everything's gonna be fine. Haven't told you yet how she altered Ms. ZsaZsa's dress last week as in professional tahi levels kaloka. Will save that for another post, but for the meantime here are photos from today!:)

Nita Clothing top, Forever 21 parka jacket, Greenhills shorts, ShopThisEasy scarf, Cotton On shades, Suiteblanco bag, Flipsters ballet flats

Say hello to my airport look.  Wanted to wear shorts coz I know walang palitan the whole day and I know it's gonna be hot and humid. The top I pulled out for Karylle (which she wasn't able to wear) but I ended up buying. Love the fit and how I can mix and match it with different bottoms:) Anyway, wore my parka over it para comfy pa din in the plane. You already know that I can't leave and live without a scarf when I'm traveling. Brought my new leopard print scarf from new online shopping site SHOPTHISEASY.COM and it's perfect! Anlaki ng coverage nia haha. It serves as my protection from the sun, my mini tent, my leather seat barrier, my warmth, lahat na! That's it pancit:)

Here are photos from today...
 6am airport food

 my favorite kainan sa terminal 3

 my mom's luggage bag that I seriously want to burn. uglyyyy

Finally, La Carlota city! 

I always smile whenever i see our driveway. Brings back so much memories. We visit every summer since I was a kid. mejo nagstop lng when my grandpa died.

 itong batong to forever na anjan. and also this macopa tree:) witness to a lot of things! haha

we used to run around and play here sa damuhan which we call our secret garden:)

 the "dako na balay" or malaking bahay na punong puno ng ghost stories. Haha! walang natutulog dito.

ito sha inside:) it's used for parties lng:)

 Say hello to my pretty lola:)

 newly installed (installed talaga) dipping pool. toroooy.

 buhay pa this pickup truck! it's older than me pa.
 So anyway, my aunt and mom took me to the local doctor to have my cough checked bilang 2 weeks na sha. He asked me to drink antibiotics. Finally.

 doctor's lair

 also visited my Lolo and Uncle:) Miss them so much.

 my new friend kasama na si kuya trike driver haha


Went grocery shopping after for our excursion tomorrow, ay later pala, and then went to the local drugstore to buy meds. Ate Emmy who owns the store was there. It's always  a joy seeing her. She saw us grow up and knows my grandpa well!:)

 Also made bantay my aunt's store.

career change keri?

 house where we spent countless summers in! it has a new owner na but it's in our compound pa din. nostalgic:)


 street food galore!

 inasal pa?

That's all folks! It was a pretty chill day for me. Tomorrow we leave La Carlota and transfer naman sa family farm up in the mountainssss. Not excited coz balita ko andaming killer dogs thereee. Pffft. But then again, reunion galore so I'm looking forward to it, wag lang uulan na naman! Will post photos tomorrow. Goodnight everyone! Have to sleep na I can hear our resident tuko afraidy. Love you all!:)


  1. your hometown pla Ms.Ais ay malayo. So it's indeed worth-visiting and really fun to pay a visit once in a while. Nothing beats that nostalgic feeling.

    LOVE the airport outfit. Parka + white top + those shorts = Chic!!

    czarina :)

  2. Been reading you for a few years now since I moved to CA.
    Love your style and your job and I miss the Phils tuloy nung nakita ko yung mga photos mo sa Negros.
    Just wanted to say Hi!


  3. I like this comfy outfit. It seems you enjoy the place.:)


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