Bonded Streaks

I have a lot to blog about and share with you friends! I just hope I could keep myself awake long enough to post an entry. I'm so weird lately, I doze off even before I could hit the publish button--or before I could hit my laptop's power button. Haha. Haven't had a chance to watch and catch up on my favorite TV series either. I'm so tiiiired, but I won't even complain coz it's the good kind of tired. Hehe. Anyway, I shall find time soonest! I have a long overdue Tagaytay trip with Mich too. Have a prenup shoot this weekend so had to pass again. Wawa Mich, sorryyyy. Anyway, I made bawi naman! Haha. Instead of staying home yesterday after styling Karylle for Showtime, I drove her to Makati and waited for her til uwian coz she's sick. Wawa times 2. Decided to work at Starbucks 6750 (my first time to work in a coffee shop) and I actually liked it! I accomplished quite a lot (compared to working from home). Only thing I hated was that I couldn't stand up to order or pee! Buti nalang a Starbucks employee on break sat beside me and she was kind enough to look over my things. Thanks ate! Haha. And did I mention my SD card died on me? Lost forever some photos, but I'm glad I was able to transfer more than half before it happened. FML. So anyway, here's my outfit  yesterday!

Thrifted cardigan, Pinkaholic top, Wrangler jeans, Wild Soul sunglasses, Police watch, Primadonna belt, Shoe Etiquette heels

I don't know how I came up with this outfit. Ana will laugh at me na naman haha. But I just wanted to wear my super comfy Wrangler jeans. Grabbed this top coz it was nearest and just added the other touches so I'd look more presentable naman. Hihi. 

My new sunnies were sent by the fabulous people of Wild Soul! If you're a fashionista and a philantropist, then this brand is for you. Check out their cool site and their other collections! 

More posts later! Watch out for my Water Lily Facial c/o The Spa giveaway!:) Have to run, heading to Rockwell for a meeting and Make Your Own Havaianas 2013. See you if you're there:)


  1. Love this look, girl! get enough rest!

  2. LOVE the thrifted cardi Ms.Aisa!! adds just enough laid back touch to your ensemble :)

    ps: i agree with Ms.Ava, get enough rest po :)

    czarina :)


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