Hello from my cave in Cubao! Hahaha. Blogging for a bit before I head to SM Ladies' event at MOA. Excited to see their new collection!:) Anyway, I'm so happy I was able to catch up on lost sleep this weekend. I feel recharged. So ready to face another busy week. I love you Lord! Was out the whole day yesterday coz I styled for ASAP and ran errands after. Woot. Here are photos from yesterday starting with some outfit shots:) Took photos in UP after na before our Chocolate Kiss dinner. Nomnom.

LC top, Veva DeeLuxe pants, Cotton On belt, For Me bangles, VNC shoes

I was originally wearing my orange maxi skirt when I went to ABS but I had a hard time moving in it bilang floor length sha. The clumsy me always steps and trips on the hem so mejo hassle. Plus, my assistant Czarina was also wearing a red maxi, which she looked amazing in by the way. So I decided to change into this chic and comfortable pants from Veva Deeluxe. Best decision ever! Moving in it was a breeze. Na need na need ko sa work na ito. I seldom wear loose fitting pants but this one looked okay naman for my small frame. :) 

Speaking of this pants, sikat na sha! Lookie, my 1st billboard! I was told na there's one along C-5, Market Market and then I don't know na the others. Hihi. Photos from our campaign shoot will be up in Comfit stores very soon:) 

Back to ASAP...Wasn't able to take photos coz there was not much downtime at work yesterday, but here are some! Sorry waley Carvey pics this week! Watch out for my next ASAP post (the one taken 2 Sundays ago) may special appearance ni Papa John Lloyd! Hehe.

 thank you Czarina for assisting!:)

fabulous naman! Czarina and Carvey

Styling team. Thanks guys!:))

Requirements came early last week, came in Thursday! Record yun ah. Hehe. I was asked to bring pink, red or purple gown for Ms. ZsaZsa and Zia for their Gary V. 30th year production. We went for pink gowns, which turned out to be a wise decision, because they were the only ones wearing that color! Standout!:)

Ms. ZsaZsa looked divine in this pastel pink gown by Sir Albert Andrada!

Zia wore an Eric delos Santos two-toned gown

...and fabulous Eric Manansala accessories!

For her spiel, Ms. ZsaZsa wore this pretty pastel yellow dress by LA Fashion week designer Pia Gladys Perey!

Here's a video of their performance! 

 Also dropped by Trinoma to visit Rockport...and got this!
So pretty this baby blue heels! Winner pa coz it's made of Adiprene by Adidas sole, so it feels like you're wearing  rubbershoes even when you're wearing heels. So soft, comfy and chic! Perfect for my line of work! Will blog about this soon.

That's it for now. Will blog more later!:) Have to take a bath na. Ang jineeeet!

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  1. Nice naman ng gown ni Zsa Zsa! Galeng mo.

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. ang swag mo tignan Ms. Pax.:)and I love your shoes.:)

  3. the pants!!! it goes well with your white shirt, very CHIC! thanks for the photos Ms.Aisa :)

    czarina :)

  4. Love your whole outfit but we love you most Ms. Aisa! Thank you so much!


    Drol Gilla
    Co-owner, Veva DeeLuxe


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