So hungry right now... but I'm too lazy to stand up and get food. Hihi. Might as well sleep this off. Well, I do have to rest stat. Long day tomorrow! I mean later. Meetings in the morning, pullout in the afternoon, 3 events in the evening. So help me God. Sana kayanin ng hair and concealer ko the haggardness that is later. My freshness could only hold until the 2nd appointment. Gaaah. Well, goodluck to me! Anyway, here's what I wore last Friday to a meeting with the SMX peeps + last minute pullouts. Buwis buhay shots sa dami ng cars na dumadaan! Haha.

Desino Dulce dress, Ever New belt & bag, PlusMinusTimesDivide bracelet, Romwe sandals 

I have no words, no explanation for this outfit. Haha! I just wanted to wear the dress coz I was in a hurry and I love the print (I'm a sucker for stripes alam nio yan). Added a neon belt for that color pop. And the bag! The baaaag. It's the cutest and prettiest I have ever seen. I'm sure you'll agree!:) Got it on sale from Ever New. Have you seen the movie Pido Dida starring Rene Requiestas & Kris Aquino? Especially that particular scene when they found a bahay kubo (nipa hut) in the middle of the forest only to find out it's really a mansion once you go inside? For my international readers/friends, remember that scene from Harry Potter when Hermione opened her small bag and pulled out a million things from it? Parang ganun this bag! Haha. Pandora's box when you open it. I could fit my kikay kit, camera, phone, etc in it! The bracelet is also a new buy from +-x%. Bought the necklace and bracelet set. It's so lakas makayaman kaya buy na din kayo! :)

My pakner in crime Anagon! People were staring at us while we were walking. Then we realized we look like characters from the movie Legally Blonde. Ang arte arte lang ng kabuoang itsura namin. Hahaha!

Okay that's it pancit. Gotta logtu na. Early to rise pa. Hope you're all in dreamland with your crushes! Haha. Mwaaah!:)

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  1. LOVE the stripe dress Ms.Aisa!! perfect with your white sandals and so cuuttee Bag :)))

    czarina :)

  2. Love the dress and the neon accent :)


  4. Hi dearest, I love your post! Lovely blog!
    I love to follow inspirational blog like this.
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin? :)

    Let me know? Here : sausanhanifah.blogspot.com/2013/04/office-dots.html

  5. Haha, i love this line "Ang arte arte lang ng kabuoang itsura namin." Looking lovely Aisa! :D

  6. "Sana kayanin ng hair and concealer ko the haggardness that is later." - hahaha i could totally relate to this statement!


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