Happy Easter

Greeting you my loves a belated Happy Easter! I had an awesome one.:) Spent mine with loved ones and watched The Script's concert! Woot. Also attended the Passover & Salubong mass coz I stood as godparent of our adopted baby boy John Dave (who's now 13!). He was given the Sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation during the mass. Can't believe I sat there for 4 hours. Longest I ever spent inside the Catholic Church (considering I'm Born Again Christian) hehe. Anyway, I would do anything for this boy. The ceremony was also solemn and quite touching. Felt like a proud mama. Hope he grows up as I wish he would. I still feel like crying whenever I read my 2008 post about him. Click the link to know his touching story. Also made a video! Will share below:) 

But first, here's what I wore last Easter. Wore my new Style Stunner dress in 2 ways! Went to my Grandma's house first (it was hot so had to remove sweater) and then The Script concert (where I had to wear it).

Thrifted Ralph Lauren sweater, Style Stunner dress, VNC heels
Landmark necklace, Random belt

Aldo watch, Anagon wire bracelets

And that's how I wore 2 outfits in 1 day and how I styled 1 dress in 2 ways. Haha. Thanks Style Stunner for the pretty dress!:) Here's a video of me in outfit post action! Haha.

Anyway, as I've said, watched The Script's concert with my beb Ana! It was super spontaneous, we didn't even have tickets until 5 hours before the event. Thank you Ana for treating me! Belated birthday gift nia daw. Haha kyot. Dream come true for me! You have no idea how I wallowed and sulked when I missed the 1st one. Haha.

 One of the best concerts ever. 2 encores!

Here are videos from that day which I uploaded on Videofyme:)

Also spent the day thanking the Lord for his gift of eternal life, His only Son. Love you Lord. Thank you for everything.:) Help me become a better person everyday and to live each day for your glory and grace. Amen. :)


  1. Chic outfit Ms.Aisa!! LOVE the dress :)

    czarina :)

  2. Thank you so much Paxie! It was just now that I get to view this cos I am so busy with grad school. I had to express that I super kilig seeing you with this dress. I love you.

    -Pennie <3


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