Carmine Hearts

Hello from Marikina again! Timecheck: 2:30am. I really have to sleep na, styling for ASAP later. Watch kayo ha! If bet nio lang.  Anyway, had a long but fulfilling day today. Of course I had to work (pullouts) but it was so much fun pala when your parents are with you. Hehe. For some reason they got all clingy and insisted on accompanying me. So funny coz my Dad kept commenting on dresses I was looking at, nakikistyle din. Lols. We were together the whole day and all we did was eat and eat. Also visited my ailing grandmother and watched "Olympus Has Fallen" with our adopted baby boy (who's now a teenager) John Dave and my sister too. Family day galore. Was supposed to go home to our apartment na but my Mom did the puss-in-boots technique and asked us to just stay in Marikina and just leave early tomorrow (later). So here I am in my old room with Mich and my sister who's now sleeping like babies. Haha. Enough with the rambling na, here are outfit shots from weeks ago!

Desino Dulce dress, Coloratti earrings, Asianvogue heels

Wore this to one of our national events day. Hehe. From day to night! Wore flats with the dress for the Laura Mercier event then wore heels for Bershka, TGIF and Antony Morato. Love how you could transition this dress and style it in many ways. :)

That's it for now! Will just work on more backlogs tomorrow. Have to doze off plus have to take care of our hyper dog Satu who's now nibbling on my sister's shoe. Lols. Happy Sunday!:)


  1. i'm glad you had an amazing family day Ms.Aisa! i love the part when your dad was making remarks about your pullouts, haha :p

    you look tres chic in this outfit!!

    czarina :)
    paint it stripes

  2. dont get me wrong Ms. Pax ha, you look so mataba na..hehe, you really good in your dress, bagay talaga.:)


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