Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle Opens in Sofitel Manila

I didn't know what to expect when I attended the Vietura launch. I thought it's just another medical/health/cosmetic facility that offers body enhancements. But as the program progressed and the event unfolded, I found out it's totally different. How? Unlike others, Vietura uses holistic approach to beauty and wellness, providing 100% non-invasive (except maybe for the colonic! coz you will feel invaded either way haha) treatment programs that are tailor-made to each individual. Love the sound of it!:)

pretty host, Bianca Valerio!

Introduction of Sofitel & Vietura partnership by Ms. Chanelle Garvey, Sofitel's Director of Sales & Marketing

Adam Laker, Sofitel's General Manager 

Sofitel Philippine Plaza General Manager Adam Laker said, “”I am delighted about the opening of Vietura since it completes the health and wellness offering of the hotel. It is a high quality service to enhance and improve our client’s lifestyle. It is for the person who understands that the path to greater confidence isn’t dramatic change. It’s a long-term holistic approach that results in a more natural glow and prompts friends to ask, where did you go on vacation? Instead of ‘What surgeon did you just see?”’

Vietura's team of experts! Dr. Mj Torres (Aesthetic Medicine), Cecilia Infantado (Cosmetic Dentist), Lisa Tilstra (Lifestyle Coach), Agnes Tumaneng (Nutritionist)

At Vietura, it isn’t always what’s on the surface that matters. It’s about finding the interconnection between aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. It’s taking a complete approach to your health and wellness so that you can achieve a holistic balance in your life. It’s about going beyond cutting corners and quick fixes with non-invasive procedures that still present you with results that satisfy and fulfill your goals.
Dr. Mary Jane Torres discusses the different treatment programs

Dr. MJ shared with us some of their satisfied clients...
sexy!!! the girl is her client for quite sometime now.She lost almost 60 lbs!

We were all asked to guess this beautiful woman's age...what's your guess?:)

Bianca Valerio guessed 24, I guessed 32...

but no! she's 51!!! 50 freakin' 1 !!! Now this is convincing.

they also have men's lifestyle program!

this guy, who is an actor/model/performer, lost a lot of weight with Vietura's help

 Dra. Cecilia Infantado discusses the truth about cosmetic dentistry specifically how correcting your teeth could result to huge improvements on your face. 

Vietura's team of experts! They don't just stop caring for their patients after each procedure, they also follow through by means of a life coach and nutritionist. 

At Vietura’s core lie the philosophy and fundamentals of its owner, Dr. Mary Jane Torres. A resolute advocate of non-invasive, non-surgical solutions, she spent years studying leading aesthetic methods in Europe. “We’re not in the business of selling the quick fix,” said Torres. “This is why we spend so much time talking to each customer about manageable diet and exercise regimens. We listen and ask relevant questions to help them take charge of the changes they wish to see and feel.” says the doctor, and the number of high-profile patrons who swear by her regimens to maintain their attractiveness and well-being .

ribbon cutting! 

and it's now open!


Here's a quick tour of the place!
 receiving/waiting area! So posh! Love the indoor vertical garden which is also present in all rooms:)

 Dental Room

 Ultralipo / Ultraslim room

Longevite room

Relance room 
(botox, mesotherapy, power cell lift, platelet rich plasma)

Colonic room! I'm seriously thinking if I should do this. Haha. This equipment is top quality from Thailand.

 Skin Care expert

 forgot which room this is!

Here are Vietura's treatment programs: Vietura Natural Facelift and Contour, Body Sculpting with Weight Management, Anti- Aging Therapy, Longevity, Skin Vitality, The Art of Detox, Dental Cosmetics.Services range from weight management tools, to anti-aging procedures, colonics, cosmetic dentistry, facial contouring and body sculpting. Vietura also features effective treatments for conditions affecting one’s complexion or digestion. Under Dr. Torres’ meticulous supervision, the internationally-trained team consists of 12 registered nurses, a dietician, dentist and lifestyle coach. The center can boast of state of the art aesthetic technology and equipment, such as for stem cell and chelation therapy, available from around the world. The luxury resort location also allows Vietura clients to easily enjoy the hotel’s other premier facilities such as Le Spa and So Fit, or check into a room or suite.

 nice interior! so inviting

bloggers love Vietura! thank you!


All guests were also treated to a sumptuous lunch buffet at SPIRALS! Win!:) 
got the apple/cucumber one, so good!

They have different food stations for each cuisine...
 my 1st plate, yummmeh! got hakao, spinach dumpling, crispy pork belly, roast duck roll, lamb curry & indian bread, asparagus!

hello arnie and bestie

hello Kelly

hello me. hehe

ready for round 2

Thanks again for the awesome feast Sofitel!

Giving away a Vietura GC soon!:))

For more information about Vietura, please call +632 551 5555 local 5000 or email at info@vietura.com or visit www.vietura.com


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