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I love food events, and my favorite kind are intimate ones shared with people I adore. I've always been open about my enthusiasm towards food. Yes, I'm rated PG (patay gutom). Wahaha. Eating belongs to my top 3 most favorite things in the world, together with traveling and sleeping. Hah. I know I seldom eat (too lazy or busy sometimes) but I LOVE discovering new places to dine in and new food to try. Last week, visited NAMNAM at Greenbelt 2 (same strip as Bizu, Mary Grace, Barcino, etc) and had a complete gastrorgasm! Inembento ko lang yan (oops d pala, it's now in urban dictionary) but such a powerful word noh? Well sorry, but I think it best describes our whole experience! No bull. Added it to my go-to food places. You should too. Namnam is so nomnom I could die. Haha corny. Here are photos!

it's below Burger Bar! love the entrance! Parang hole in the wall type of resto noh?

love the interior! it's also well lighted and clean. servers are super attentive too!

cute wooden chandelier!

Black & White menu. Clazzzz.

Their menu is divided into 2, Classics & Twists. 

Classics for those who wants traditional Filipino food, Twists for those who wants to try something different, something new, a fusion of flavors and cuisine. We love how Namnam provides their customers with choices! Now, you don't have to order and be bitin with the food or have so much leftovers. Namnam has different serving sizes to fit your budget and appetite! Tracy and I love iiit. Parang pizza pero hinde. Haha.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for! Here are the dishes we tried! All are medium in size, good for 3-4 persons!:)
Caramelized Patis Wings (medium) - P255

Ensaladang NamNam (made of Tinapa flakes, mangga't bagoong, pomelo, native tomatoes, and red onions ) - Php 165
 Pancit Buko 

 Gising Gising for Ana! and us na din. Nom. P180

University fried rice! OMG this is a winner. P255 (if im not mistaken)

Sinigang short ribs with watermelon. Okay ito na talaga ang winner!!! Swear. Best sinigang ever. P365

Overloaded garlic bangus belly (Mich's favorite! Mine too)

Leche Flan with gata sprinkled with lime. THE BEST EVER.

I know puro the best sinabi ko, but, the best talaga. Even Tracy who's usually picky with food, couldn't stop eating! Nahiya lng kami kay Sarah (who came last) so we really had to control ourselves from finishing everything. Lol. 

Tracy and Athan


Mich and Athan, so busy. hehe

my loves Ava and Tracy

great ambiance + great food + great company :)
(me, Ava, Tracy, Sarah, Ana)

It was a pleasant experience, all the way. Going back tomorrow na agad agad. OMG I'm so hungry right now. Haha. Can't wait for tomorrow! Thanks Ava for organizing this for us!:) Thanks NamNam! You da best! <3 p="">

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