Wishy Washy

Hello theeeere (pronounce as dooooor). Pardon me but I'm about to go on a random blab fest. So, how are all of you? I've been having random thoughts lately on how much I miss the old blogging days, when I could still reply to every single comment and also have enough time to check and comment on ALL of my favorite blogs EVERYDAY. I kinda miss that. To my oldest blog friends & beloved readers, I'm sorry if I ever made you feel neglected or ignored. Don't ever think I've forgotten you (I swear I'm just busy with work), I think of you everyday, read each and every comment and still visit all your blogs. I vow to reply to all comments starting today!:) Anyway, here's an outfit I wore to a family reunion taken a few days after New Year on our apartment's rooftop. Sorry for the clutter. Heee. 

Wardrobe Check top, Kashieca skorts, Envy bracelet, Meister watch, Primadonna flats

So I'm currently watching Carrie Diaries and I'm loving it!!! Reminds me of the defunct series Jane by Design. I often find myself smiling over the character's fabulous outfits, the songs, all the art, the cute Sebastian boy and Carrie's quotable quotes. Makes me want to watch the whole Sex and the City series again. Also... Suits, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother and Girls are back! Woot. Aside from that, I also track Suburgatory, Mob Wives (yeah yeah dont judge it's my guilty pleasure!), Hart of Dixie (mainly because of their outfits), PLL, TVD and Greys.  How about you, what shows are your favorite?

I'm also on the lookout for new books! Any suggestions? I'm currently reading Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Rollins (thanks Liz for my copy!), Sanctus by Simon Toyne, Graceling by Kristin Cashore & The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson. They're great reads! Don't forget to comment below for your book suggestions! And where na din to download ebooks.  Hehe.

Anyway, here's a video that's been with me for quite some time. Thought I'd share it with you! Might be useful for all you fashionistas out there:) Planning on trying this out and posting a blog entry about it. Abangan:)

Okay, later nalang ulit. So sleepy na, long day later! Posting more giveaways today so watch out for them:) Happy Friday!


  1. Cute skirt and lovely shoes.

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. i love the neutral tone of this outfit! LOVE your top :)

    ps: i'll always be a reader of your blog Ms.Aisa :)

    czarina of paint it stripes

  3. would def love to see how you'd rock the versatile polo look! also, you should definitely watch parks and recreation, modern family, and workaholics haha


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