Cheerleader + Purple Groom Day

After dropping off clothes for Karylle at ABS and completing pullouts for Ms. ZsaZsa and Zia, Mich and I headed straight to Purple Groom, Katipunan for Satu's day out! Their small but well kept store is super easy to find--just along Xavierville and beside the old Meat Shop. We arrived before my sister (who had Satu) so it gave us more time to observe how the shop operates. Was also able to chitchat with some customers.:) But first, outfit photos!

Nick Automatic shirt, Romwe skirt, Aldo bangle & watch, SM Parisian glittered oxfords

Decided to wear my new Nick shirt the best way I know how, preppy & girly! Lakas maka cheerleader or varsity my peg noh? Anywaaaay, I love iiit. And I think black skirts are the best. Moving on!

dungis! waiting for his turn:)

Satu: where am I? in fairness, smells nice and looks clean. Can't wait for my turn!

friendly clients. notice how they also also sell dog products!

cute dog posters and photos on the wall!

Satu's brief fling! hehee

Satu: who is this girl, why is she stalking meee?

Satu: Pssst! psst. who is she?

someone found a friend! haha. Cute shihtzu named Tomato. Looks so much like Sarah's dog Chewy!

 Satu liking the attention!

grooming area

double vision

 the other shihtzu looks so much like our Satu!

hello Satu's bro or friend or twin

toe clipping time!

more more suklay

Satu: kuya trim lang 2 inches ok?

bath time!!!

Satu: heto akoooo, basang basa sa ulaaaan...

And then blower  time!
...which he despises!

Satu: MIIIIICH, get me the f*&k out of here pleaseeee. I will pay you..

Satu: what is happeniiiing. my eyeeeesss...

we didn't really notice how long or short the whole thing took coz we were making chika with kuya over there.

Satu's support group. With my bro-in-law!

sis and bro

And then finally!
our newly groomed bebeh boy!

ang cute cute with his hair up! Satu: i look like a girl.

Paid P400 for complete grooming. Not bad na!:) Thanks Purple Groom for making Satu gwapo and mabango again. Hehe.

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  1. I really love your skirt. And your dog is so adorable.


  2. Ang cute cute ni Satu lalo na nung binoblower na sha. panic kung panic! :D

  3. You look so ganda in the photos! Eee such a cute dog! <3 Love your outfit, btw :)


  4. Hi there. My name is Jayme Brian Chua, I am actually the owner of the pet salon you visited here. I got surprised by this blog. My friend Marj Sia just told me to check out this website of yours. Well, THANKS A LOT for the wonderful blog and colorful pictures. No matter how nice my camera is, I could never make the colors pop up like in your pictures. I'm happy that you find our grooming clean and odor-free. Haha anyway, may I offer you free grooming as small token of my appreciation?

    Here are my contact details, pls keep in touch w/ me, thank you :)

  5. LOVE the outfit Ms.Aisa!! and ang cute ni Satu!!

    czarina of paint it stripes

  6. Love this outfit!!! Btw can i ask what size your shirt is? You make me want to buy one too! Haha :)


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