Sinulog Day 2: Yap-Sandiego + Casa Gorordo Ancestral House

Read my Day 1 post HERE! Sorry for the typos, corrected it already. Was in a rush when I published that post. Hihi. Thanks Mich for editing it for me! Sabaw hits nalang palage. Tsss. Anyway, here's Day 2 of our Cebu/Sinulog trip! Spent our day touring Ana around the city and our night catching up with Manila/Cebu blogger friends + dancing to awesome DJ sets at Lifedance. Photos!

Wrangler denim top, Bubbles skirt, Izzo Shop bag, DC sneakers

Loving my uber versatile Wrangler denim shirt! This is, I think, my 6th denim shirt. Heee. What makes it different from the other 5 is the wash, the color, material and the construction. This one, I'm certain, I'm keeping forever (if my body cooperates) =D Anyway, abused this shirt during our stay and used it 2 more times! Styled differently of course. Photos soon:)

Told you how I'm not a super fan of trends. But this aztec skirt from Bubbles is such a delight. The print, color, fit is just right for me. :)

Izzo Shop camera bag that I used as a regular bag. Cute print!

Meister watch, YOLO Anagon bracelet, Extreme Finds embellished blue braided bracelet, Therapy Bags neon necklace used as bracelet, Skull Anagon bracelet

I feel cool in my DC sneaks! I'm starting to grow my sneakers collection. Which reminds me, I should really buy a white one. Soon!

1st Stop: Yap - Sandiego Ancestral House
(blogged about it HERE)

"The Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House is located at 155-Lopez Jaena corner Mabini Street, Parian District in Cebu, Philippines. It is just a few steps away from the Parian Monument which is also known as Heritage of Cebu Monument and meters away from Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines. Considered to be one of the oldest residential houses in the Philippines, the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House was built sometime between 1675 and 1700. It was originally owned by a Chinese merchant named Don Juan Yap and his wife, Doña Maria Florido. They had 3 children, namely, Maria, Eleuterio, and Consolacion Yap.

During the 1880′s, the oldest daughter, Maria Florido Yap, married a native from Obando, Bulacan, Don Mariano San Diego, who was Parian’s “Cabeza de Barangay ” (District Head) at that time.

Just a few years ago (2008), the old ancestral home was turned over to Doña Maria’s great great grandson, Val Sandiego. Val himself is known in Cebu at present times as an art collector, renowned choreographer and heritage icon." - from http://www.markmaranga.com

Entrance is P50. That kuya right there surprised us when he suddenly started explaining in English! As in not carabao english ha, straight  english with proper grammer and diction. While he was explaining I wasn't able to help myself from saying, "ang toroy naman ni kuya".

The house is full of relics, antiques dating back to 1600s. I love that they allow cameras inside. You could even touch, feel, stare, smell, taste (charot lang) everything inside the house. Just handle with care laaaaang.

corrupted photo na tinamad nako iedit and crop. haha. 

                     i could stay here all day just staring at each and every piece of furniture or decoration inside

pang mayamang dining table. todo na yan guys. 1600s yan, choosy pa ba?


we're sitting on the original staircase! it's made of narra and secured by wooden nails. (bilang waley pa ace hardware nun)

 2nd floor

serving bowls and pitchers. bagay dito ang tinola ni padre damaso

old school dish washing and drying (i can imagine a lady in full saya washing dishes)

what is michelle doing???

as in more than 1 minute na. yung totoo?

excited to show me this batirol making tool! parang gladiator lang ah.

Master's bedroom

Sisa, in character. Creeped myself out so I stopped. Haha.

d sila mashado religious noh?

Mich looks like a Sto. Nino

hello daw


more more dining room upstairs.

it's pretty obvious how big religion was that time

exercise te?

AAAAAND more dining tables

ayan na naman shaaaaa. 

i don't know why this scene startled me again--saw this na the 1st time I've been here but nooo. never fails.

 love the china 

lamps, pitchers, flasks

Original roof made of Tisa clay

kuya is not just a tour guide, he's also a very very strict photographer. kaya ganyan itsura namin lol.

tea time!

the thing we're sitting on? it's the original banca (and sagwan) the owners of this house used when they traveled the ocean to get to Cebu.

ummm why hello?

open daily from 9am-7pm, visit na!

Next Stop: Casa Gorordo! 
(which I already blogged about HERE)

no cameras inside but I just had to sneak some shots! this was the original owner's son's (Bishop Gorordo) room.

tambay area (omgggg i could imagine right now how it looked like more than a century ago)

the ladies room:) this is where the girls knitted, gossiped, slept, etc.

blurry coz paakyat na si kuya caretaker! hehe

mini chapel

Original edition (not sure if 1st, 2nd, 3rd) of Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo...in Spanish! Pang mayamaan.

2nd dining area, more intimate, more private. Reserved for very very close friends and family

1st dining area

Pax: Jumshot tayo!!! (after photo) Ana: Um no.. this will not work. (haha)

That ends my Cebu Day 2 post! Will post the 2nd part tonight. Have to sleep now. Styling Zia Padilla later. Also need to do more pullouts for Zia and Ms. ZsaZsa Padilla (still can't believe it) for ASAP tom. Wish me luck!!!:) Have a great weekend!

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  1. i enjoyed reading this post Ms.Aisa! LOVE the Sandiego Ancestral house! it's beautiful and full of history!

    paint it stripes

  2. dondo ng place! paxie i love your aura here! fresh and fierce lang :) loving your semi half smiles ;)

    The Bargain Doll

  3. om! will watch asap tm! levelup na talaga tey! week long na ang stylings sa tv ko pa makikita lovet!
    Tawangtawa ako sa captions kay mich, lalo yun mukang santo nino and yung exercise pic hahahaaha! ;D PAti yun very strict si Koya sa picturean, halatang ang stiff natiN! ;D

  4. Such a beautiful place! Love the outfit too! Thanks to mich for saving these photos! See you soon!

  5. Hi miss Pax,your blog always puts a smile on my face.hehe anyway,congrats & goodluck sa styling for Zia & Ms. ZsaZsa..enjoy! :-)

  6. =)))))) ung mga captions niyo po. xD funny. =)))


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