Sinulog Day 1: Airport, Mactan, Tao Temple

So Mich and a few of our blogger friends went to Cebu last weekend for the highly anticipated Sinulog Festival. Mich, Ana and I flew out earlier than the rest of the gang because we wanted one whole day to ourselves to chill and tour and just do whatever. We had a jampacked itinerary so Thursday was the calm before the storm. Haha. Won't blab for much longer, will just make the photos do all the talking! Gow! But first, my one and only outfit shot. Haha.

Thrifted top and shorts, For Me scarf, Izzo Shop bag, DC sneakers


After our disastrous check in (overweight our baggage, lols), we decided to just wait for our flight by having an early breakfast. And as always, overpriced the food! Haha.

Boarding time!

san ba kami pupunta? sa korea? lamig na lamig lng. Haha

wasn't able to sleep na coz of our non-stop Life of Pi discussion. Haha! Life of Pi everywhereee.

 Had tea nalang. And read CebuPac's magazine! I love their travel mag!:)

Finally, CEBU!
this is for you Lloyda! And Sir Shaun of Agatep. Hehe.

Mich's mom and stepdad fetched us from the airport and drove us straight to Mactan where Lapu Lapu's shrine is:)

tourista mode!

this is where the Battle of Mactan happened. I can only imagine:)

tuma tabing ilog

hawt ni koya (Lapu-Lapu)

pa artsy lng baket

Love Ana's Team Manila x FPJ shirt!

this is how it happened. oo may nagpai2nting talaga habang nangyayare yun. waley pa SLR eh. haha. 

We then went on our quest to find the perfect and cheapest ukelele for Ana! And also buy bangles for my styling gigs.

love Kuya's ukeleles and guitars! This one is P3k+ but ang gandaaaa

hello daw.

their hats are so cheap! compared to manila ha. the wide brim ones were just P100

this is what I'm talking about! Hoarded. Haha. P50-80 per piece

lakas maka Hongkong! Hehe. 

We could only take photos outside, and we were also too tired (haven't slept yet) to climb stairs, so we just decided to chill nalang and not explore the whole place. Maybe next time!:)

we each bought one for money luck!:) Placed it in our wallets:)

tamad haha

while may nagrerape sa scarf ko. lols

Ended our tour with a quick lunch at Tito's favorite resto! Super fast service and super cheap!:)

intermission muna, Mich's mom gave me 3 bags native of accessories! hehe

i could eat this everyday. sarap! hehe

 for ana. hehe

Check-In Time at Alba Uno Hotel!!!
 Thank you Niche for our free accommodation! Thank you Nick Automatic!:))

I was too tired that I fell asleep agad when I hit the sheets, so I wasn't able to take photos of our room. But Niche got us the suite and we love it!:) After a 3-hour rest, we headed out again and explored the city. Or should I say, we explored Ayala Mall. Lol.

dancing in front of Island Souvenirs! Love it!

Hello Kryz!!!

Ana and I decided to buy a shirt we can wear for the festival day which is Sunday. At least we won't feel bad if it gets painted on. Hihi. It would also be our souvenir na!:)

love this! you  could buy any shirt and have it DIY'd!:)

here's mine! had the collar and sleeves removed and the armhole bigger

thanks Ate for your patience! haha

Dinner at Moon Cafe!

nope not our food. sa kabilang table yan. haha

our table!

Posting the rest of our trip later! But for now, have to head out. Baboosh!:) Mwah mwah!

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  1. ahh sinulog! Sad but i had to cancel my sinulog trip :( cant wait to read your sinulog diaries Ais! <3

  2. the places you visited look amazing!
    and I love your blue sneakers! looking super comfy and stylish :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. Tawang tawa me sa captioooons! Lalo yung hello there ng palaka nakakatacute! ;D Hahahaha! ;D
    Pati yung may nagpepaint talaga while battle of mactan HAHAHAHA! ;D
    Ok ang ganda din ng outfitelles shots mo sa tabing ilog section, lalo yun halfbody :) Lovet!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your vacation sa Cebu! =) Too bad di ko man lang kayo nakita.. May next time pa naman.. Ingat! =)


  5. Hello Aisa,

    Thank you for getting your shirts from Islands Souvenirs and for blogging about Cut & Style!

    Islands Souvenirs

  6. @Anagon - where did you get your army green maxi skirt? hehe


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