And That's a Wrap 2012!

I may be 2 days late, but here's my year-ender post! Okay, since we're all of legal age naman na (I hope!) I'd be honest, I welcomed 2013 tanked as a skunk (not skank ha haha). Believe me when I say I only do occasional drinking, and New Year's eve is one of the few occasions when I go all out. So here's the epic night that was! Sabi nga ng mga friends ko, kasi may pinagdadaanan! Lols. (Mich and I had a huge fight a few hours before midnight, so there!). Haha.

wire headband by Anagon! Love it!

And what is a year-end post without a quick flashback of the year that was? 2012 for me was one helluva roller coaster ride. Crazy-Beautiful to be exact. I had more ups than downs, but neither were futile nor uncherished. Cheers to a year that was, and to an amazing year that will be!:) 

After 1 hour...

....okay, I give up. I can't really sum up the awesomeness of 2012 with photos from past blog posts.  Too many! But, here's a quick rundown:

1.) Best year in fashion (blogging and styling) -  I can't even translate into words my gratitude for all the brands, sponsors, magazines, people I worked with and trusted me enough last year. I can honestly say it was the busiest year in my entire life. I can't foresee the future, I don't know if the wind will still blow in my favor this year, but I'm really thankful for EVERYTHING. Thank you Lord.

2.) More travels! - So glad I found the best travel buddy in Mich! Got to visit some amazing places last year (HK, Macau, Singapore, Ilocos, Baguio, Cambodia etc.) and I can't wait to explore more this year... I hope. :) Korea naman? Or China? Let's!

3.) Filipinized - got more involved in nationalistic projects last year and also immersed myself in Pinoy history and culture. Remember the Carlos Celdran tours? Ilocos? Postura project? Miss Match event? Global Pinoy?:)

4.) Blog friends - from a mere hobby, blogging has transformed into an industry overnight. It's now very rare to find genuine, kind hearted people in the blogging realm. If you only know how dirty it became in just a year. It's sad. :( But for hobbyists like me, I'm  just happy I found blog friends who share the same sentiments and enthusiasm in blogging as me. Stay amazing friends!:)

5.) Bloggers United -  need I say more? hehe. Coz it just keeps getting better every year!:)

6.) Ends & New Beginnings - last year was a ghastly year for some. There were countless tragedies, storms, deaths. I lost a few people last year. Good ones. I know a lot of people who lost someone to 2012 too. :( BUT! At the end of every storm is a rainbow, every dark cloud has a silver lining, a smile after every tear. Death, after ripping our hearts becomes a celebration of life. We will never forget.:) 

2012 was a blur, and so was New Year's Eve. But I'm glad I spent it AGAIN with people who has been in my life since forever.:) And yes, we have a group shirt. We're cheesy like that. Photos! (play Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas as background music, hehe)

 photo with Father! waley ako jan of course hehe

 my favorite girls, Ging and Chesca!
that's what you call SAWA. Year of the snake daw eh! haha

wild dance moves ng boys! hahaha

taken 10 minutes after I arrived. In short, lucid pako neto. haha

Pier 6 girls

When the clock struck 12, these happened... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
getting friendly with the barangay tanods. LOL

and the passersby

lanterns were lit.... but not after a bumbero death stared us while lighting it. Wahaha.

friendships repaired and tears fell over reconciliations:) hehe huli!

After all's said and done, the real fun began!
missed my childhood bff Catch!

fasyown! haha

This new age let's all aim to be better and kinder. Live, love, dream, give more. Shoot for the stars without ever leaving the ground. :) Have an awesome 2013!!!:)


  1. one of the craziest year ender blog post. ang saya ng new year sa inyo plus the wasted moments are really awesome. nice post miss paxie.:)

    P.S. si kuya catch halatang nakainom talaga.:)

  2. Happy new year to you pax. Naiimagine kita na as drunk as a skunk while posting this!! Im so happy for you and catch, yeee. More to come this 2013!

  3. Love the street party peg! HAHA

    Happy New Year Pax!

  4. nakakatouch yung kay catch part. :)
    Happy New Year Aisa! :)


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