Owl City

Just a few more days before Christmas! I love it, I love it, except for the dreaded Christmas rush that left me with no choice but to patronize buses and trains the past few days. Can I just hole up til the rush is over? Gaaah. Scarcity of cabs plus it's high time for them to act like sharks. Anyway, I'm currently sitting at my work table in our newly cleaned apartment (thanks Ariel!) while watching Grimm, organizing my closet and blogging. Ako na multi tasker. Hehehe. Trying to make the most out of my day before heading out later for Meister's Christmas Party! That is if I successfully find a cab. Hehe. Here are outfit photos from a movie, Timezone and shopping date with Mich and my 2 cousins. :)

Egerie owl top, Pinkaholic cardigan, Cotton On shorts, SM bag

Ruckus lion necklace

S&H oxford shoes

Also wore this to a quick meeting. Keri lang ba? Hehe. If you're an oxfords/brogues addict like me, you SHOULD get this S&H pair! It's insole is made of soft carpet like material that makes walking a breeze. Perfect for long walks or shopping! This is just P900+ I think. :)  The knit cardigan is a new favorite too. Bought it from PINKaholic and I'm glad I did. So worth it! I love how it improves an outfit. Laidback, chic yet still classy. Tama ba descriptions ko? Haha. As for the necklace, you already know it's malakas makayaman. Now the top, the top! It's such a head turner and a statement piece coz of the design. Love how sequins instantly brightens up any outfit or anyone's day! Perfect for the holidays too:)

In other news--- I want to say a huge thank you (partnered with wet kisses wahaha) to everyone who again supported our yearly Bloggers United Bazaar. It was a huge success! Will post photos soon, still compiling them. :) If you have photos of us, pls email them to me! Promise I'll post it na. :)

Also got detained in the hospital (for a few hours lang naman) the other day with Mich coz of stomach problems. Sabay pa talaga kami! I think my Coke (as in the soda), mangga with bagoong, tea, chili addiction is finally taking it's toll on my body. Doctor said I have acute hyperacidity. Weeeh. I THINK I was misdiagnosed and I really have IBS (click to know what that is, mejo unpleasant haha). Mich on the other hand have acute gastroentritis. Ano ba yaaaan! We're both sad na tuloy coz you know eating (or lamon) is our favorite past time. Hope we both get fixed before Christmas when the eating never stops!

Speaking of Christmas, here are some lovely items I got from brands and shops the past week! Thank you so so much for the forever support, the love and the trust.:) Merry Christmas!

 cute top from my girlfriends Tracy and Tin!

lovely accs from Christine of Crave More!

planner from JR of Worlbex!

lovely Botong Francisco shirt from Freeway!

stockings, socks and body shaper from Leg Love and Gold Toe!

thanks Char of Ichigo!

pretty necklace and GCs from The Ramp. Thank you Xandra!:)

nailpolish from Nail Bistro! Thank you!

pretty shoes from So Fab!:)

paris notebook and love charm bracelet from a sweet reader! Thank you Caycee!:)

lovely dress from House of Eva:)

That's it for now. Have to continue taking photos of my clothes. Redoing my Stylish Girl app. I think this would do the trick of lessening (is this even a word? haha) my mess. Hehe. Toodles! Catch up with you later.:)


  1. Love you owl outfit! So cute and cool :)

  2. the cardigan has indeed laidback feel to an outfit! it works well with your sequined top!! Chic chic!

    those so fab bow flats are so adorable! saw it from your instagram :)

    I wasn't able to take any photos from the event coz I broke my cam :( but it was really nice seeing you again Ms.Aisa!

    paint it stripes

  3. Love your owl top, Ms. Aisa! You look so fresh on that outfit! Lovely! <3

    Jenna of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥

    If you have time, maybe you can read my recent blog post about The Best Beauty And Health Treatments HERE.

  4. i should have come sa bu4!! para na-meet ko kayo in person., keep on inspiring :)

  5. I was so happy when I met you during BU4! May bonus pa when I was chosen as one of the best dressed hihi I was so kilig! Thank you, Ms. Aisa! Too bad all I got were low quality ipad photos, sayang cos I didn't have my cam with me. Anyway, I can't wait for BU5. :)


  6. i love your outfit! i wish i had them daddy-long-legs so i could carry off flats like you do. plus all those freebies you get! #bloggerbenefits


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