Last Cambodia Post: Cultural Village + Bye Bye!

Travel posts excited me, that's why I feel sad our Cambodia blog tour ends here! Boohoo. I do hope you enjoyed my travel posts--the photos, stories and lessons I shared. Hope this encourages you to travel, discover the world and live your life like it was your last (while still thinking of your future. Balance my friends). :) Anyway, here's how we spent our last few hours in the wonderful city of Siam Reap, Cambodia! Discovering their rich culture and loving it every step of the way, Nayong Pilipino Cambodia style:)

 ticket booth of the Cultural Village!

1st stop: Wax Museum!
in fairness, mga 3x akong nagulat coz they looked like real people!

2nd stop: another museum across the hall (forgot the name haha)

national dance

me failing at it. hahaha

so this was how angkor wat's made! kinda cool if you imagine it:)

After the mini museum tour, we then started the cultural village walking tour!

The Millionaire House
love the door carvings!

this was where banquets and shows were held. shushal.

life saver sari sari stores na nagkalat all over

nagadik na naman ako sa pansit! omg this is heavenly. i will force mich to recreate this ASAP.


peek a boo!

love the old school fishing houses!

Then we spent a few minutes at the playground! Haha feeling bagets.

replica of a mosque

cute old chinese house

pagoda, real pagoda not pagod ha

Forgot what this area is called:(
buddhist temple

Ghost Tunnel
the tapang tapangan us tried to go inside but gave up a few steps inside. Creeepy!!!

very very bibo gibbons!


welcome to my new house! char

in may laman ang house!



Come 3pm we headed to the mini theater for the show...

In summary, the story was mala Romeo and Juliet, Asian style. Hehe.
.synchronized swimming? haha

Love the miniatures area!

Kung may miniatures may giant din! Hehe.
no, we were not really holding them!

lovestruck? haha

Left the village after and headed to Pub Street one last time:) Killed time at the Blue Pumpkin resto before heading back to our hotel to get our things:)

Blue Pumpkin!

sarap chumill! 

last supper. wahehe. yummyyy

It was so cozy I swear, I slept for an hour. Hehe. Had to leave by 6pm to get our things from the hotel for our 9om flight.:)

bye pretty hotel!

I currently have a pretty bad headache so I wasn't able to put better captions. Sorry. :/ But I hope you enjoyed the photo tour! Til my next trip, til our next trip!:) I miss you Cambodia! More posts tomorrow!:)

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