Vertical Horizon

Not talking about the band, although I'm a fan, title just flew off my head. I guess it's only fitting coz of my top and the gorgeous background (sunset + Manila Bay). Anywaaaay, here's an outfit I wore when I attended Philippine Fashion Week!

Romwe top & skirt, Aldo watch, Tangerine Shoes leopard heels

Been getting quite a number of compliments and inquiries regarding this gorgeous gold watch from Aldo! Bought this for P1495. It's a nice alternative to the relatively pricey Casio watch! They have this in Silver too:) Aldo is one of my favorite watch stores. They have stylish timepieces (usually sets) at a fair price. I also love how stripes and leopard worked for this look. So fasyown (can't think of a better term right now, sue me) when worn together! 

Anyway, I think I have to sleep now. Can't construct cohesive sentences anymore. So sabaw. So sleeeepy. I know, I know, it's becoming a habit. But I'll catch up once I'm done with my backlogs. Expect more posts tonight! And don't forget to join my ongoing giveaways:)  Mwah!


  1. Hello there! Hahaha! The best nga Aldo watch! :) Yun sakin yung interchangeable straps pero sana makabili din ako ng ganyang like yours! :)

  2. I super love the outfit!


  3. Ang gaganda ng skirts mo from Romwe. Close sale please! Hahaha!:P Bet ko yung Aldo watch. Mabili ko sana siya for me!! :P


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